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High Risk Nutrition Practices Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Examine the high-risk nutritional behaviors associated with different cultures. Identify the historical perspectives, belief systems, and other factors associated with these high-risk nutritional behaviors for each culture. Write a 1,500-3,000 word paper on your findings in which you accomplish the following:
Summarize the high risk-nutritional behaviors practiced among 10 different cultures.
Discuss the historical perspectives and belief systems of these cultures that influence the high-risk nutritional behaviors.
Explore additional influencing factors on high-risk behaviors for each culture. These may include, but are not limited to (a) education, (b) family roles, (c) spiritual beliefs, (d) health care practices, and (e) drug and alcohol use.
This paper requires minimum of six outside resources in addition to the textbook, properly documented using APA guidelines.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


High Risk Nutrition Practices
Institution Affiliation
High Risk Nutrition Practices
A culture has direct effect when it concerns the different species of foods, the eating habits and the combination. Individual who are among the members of a coworker group or a community? For example, the teenagers who are in adolescence age are profoundly influenced by peer pressure. A seventeen-year-old boy who starts smoking and drinking due to peer influence by the fellow team players of a football game where they meet every day during practice time.
Another case is where let’s say parents are the vegetarian type, their kids end up being vegan following the footsteps of their parents. High-risk nutritional behaviors can be regarded merely as the dietary activities that different people in different communities undertake while fulfilling their dietary needs. Mostly these practices end up being harmful to their bodies (Mathers, J. C. 2015).
When people tend to be more competent and consistent to the adaptation of care with their culture that finally leads to a process which is conscious and nonlinear. Furthermore, the diverse United States community are the aesthetic competent health practitioners.

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