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Week 5-Context, Culture, and Family- Theories of learning. (Essay Sample)


Hello I am submitting one order but there are 3 separate assignments. I specified in the attachments the title for each and how many pages is for each assignment. The large paper is the #3 which is a capstone final research for 5-6 pages .
Week 5
Who Says? The Writer’s Research (Holdstein & Aquiline, 2016)
• Chapter 3: But You Said This Was Collaborative: Plagiarism
• Chapter 5: The Wikipedia Problem: Evaluating and Trusting Sources in a Digital Age
• What Roles Do Parent Involvement, Family Background, and Culture Play in Student Motivation? (Usher & Kober, 2012) [Web page]
1)Post to Discussion Board: Family Influence (1 page)
Based on the information in What Roles Do Parent Involvement, Family Background, and Culture Play in Student Motivation? (Usher & Kober, 2012), identify 2 or 3 critical ideas you believe are most important for teachers to understand and respond to in order to foster student learning in the classroom. Provide rationale for the choices you made.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

2)Post to Discussion Board: Planning for Your Capstone ( 1 paragraph)
This course has focused on theories of teaching and learning. Consider your own teaching and learning and begin to ask questions. Questioning spurs reflection, which spurs research, which ultimately spurs improvement in practice. The questions you ask will trigger your thinking as you move toward your capstone research project.
Post 2 or 3 questions or ideas evoked by the course readings and discussions. Your questions should be pertinent to your setting. Some examples:
• What brain-based reading strategies can I implement to help my non-English speaking students who are nonreaders?
• Does explicit teaching of the state reading standards enhance student performance in reading?
• Does use of memory devices improve student outcomes on quizzes and tests?
• When students sing a funny song for rote memorization, do test scores improve?
• Do class meetings decrease bullying behavior in the classroom?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
3) Capstone Assignment: Learning Theory Application (4-5-6 pages)
Assessment Context: This assignment is used in the second course the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Leadership. The assessment measures the understanding, use, and development of learning theories in application to practice. The minimum passing score for this critical assessment is 105.5 points.
*You will write a scholarly paper based on best instructional practices. Frame your paper focused on a specific context (high school –Spanish class) so you can generate ideas for application as you write your paper. For example: If you are a kindergarten teacher you will write from that perspective and your examples will be based on best practices for that age group.
Within this paper you will address the following areas (please remember to stay focused on your chosen context):
• Describe your context (e.g., grade/subject taught “ 9th grade ,Spanish 1), description of student population “Low income” mostly Hispanics and Somali, inner city school.)
• How learning occurs
Explain how learning occurs in the context you described
Include a concise description that addresses the relevance of the learning theories discussed in this course to your beliefs about effective learning for your context. Based on the tenants of their theories, identify those theorists that best align with your beliefs about learning and explain the alignment(s).
• Best practices for achieving the learning process in the context you described.
Teaching and learning strategies
Cognitive science
Include other ideas as relevant
• Individual needs of students and families.
Identify and illustrate three examples from your practice where student and family backgrounds have enhanced or challenged your beliefs about how learning occurs.
Throughout your paper, please use examples from your teaching context as well as citations from your course readings and research. You must include at least three scholarly sources cited in-text and included as part of a reference list according to APA formatting guidelines (use direct quotes sparingly in order to prevent plagiarism.


Context, Culture, and Family-Theories of Learning.
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Culture, and Family- Theories of Learning.
Family Influence
There are two critical ideas that teachers should understand and respond to enhance students learning in the classroom. The first idea is that teachers should comprehend the component of school compliance. School compliance refers to students’ behaviors in reference to the stipulated school’s code of conduct (Usher & Kober, 2012). Classroom discipline arises from both teachers and students effort. Students have a duty to adhere to all the rules set out both in school and class. Teachers are required to set the rules, make the students understand the rules, and outline consequences for breaking the rules to maintain classroom discipline (Usher & Kober, 2012). In addition, teachers are expected to treat the student with respect, understand each student, get the students involved and engaged, and act with fairness and consistency when applying punishment. Studies have revealed that there is a strong and close correlation between students’ discipline and academic performance. Therefore, when student showcases positive behaviors, they create a conducive environment that enhances learning in classes.

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