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The Impact of Hispanic culture on Health within their community (Essay Sample)

NURSING Research Paper Guidelines Student's Name: JMB Topic: The Impact of Hispanic culture on Health within their community. 1) Choose a community health nursing-related health topic that affects or potentially will affect the public's health. Examples may include broad topics such as: bioterrorism, communicable disease control, environmental health issues, cultural impact on health, poverty, migrant health, compromised populations, violence and abuse, health care policy, or global health issues. 2) Review current evidence-based literature on this topic. The American Journal of Public Health, Public Health Nursing, and Family and Community Health are some examples of peer review journals you may use. Select at least three peer review journals that relates to your topic of interest. Your text book can also be a source of reference. Public Health Nursing Population –Centered Health Care in the Community; :Maria Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster Submit your paper to turn-it-in. 3) Using your articles, write a 5 page paper [excluding title and references pages] on your selected topic. Answer the following questions in your own words with the use of the APA guidelines. Review Plagiarism Policy. - Structure paper according to question order a. Describe the health issue. Discuss the significance of the topic to the population and to you. Why did you choose this topic? Show statistics 20 points b. Explain why your topic is an issue of concern for the public. Who is affected by this health issue and why? - Who= Poor, uneducated, underserved populations, why= they have inadequate access to health care which leads to a heavier burden on the community through increased illness, longer hospital stays, increased morbidity, and mortality rates which lead to an increased cost to tax payers. 20 points c. How would you as the Community Health Nurse (CHN) solve this issue? Include collaboration from professionals, organizations, and agencies and multilevel approaches. Incorporate current CHN practice and provide examples of innovative and effective nursing interventions. - First assess the communication barrier, and involve interpreters as needed. Then begin teaching about healthy living practices such as healthier meal preparation, annual check-ups with primary care provider, immunizations, and exercise regimen, ways to access affordable health insurance in low income areas (Social Services). Involve community leaders and church members in spreading positive attitudes toward healthier life styles. Include the local health department, political leaders, and community resources. Current CHN practices include teaching within the school system and to at risk populations through videos and lectures that are easy to understand. Use return demonstration when evaluating shopping habits at the market and food preparation. Nurses also teach the importance of immunizations, and seeing a health care provider frequently for preventative treatment. 20 points d. Conclude with implications for the practice of the CHN now and in the future. What are your recommendations? - Better health within the community will allow this minority population to have increased quality of life as well as increased performance at school and work. 20 points e. APA guidelines followed. - No in text citation, just paraphrasing please site at throughout 10 points f. Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure appropriate. 10 points Total 100 points Note: I would like to thank you for taking the time to assist with this writing assignment. I have added some bulleted notes to the grading rubric in order to better assist with the assignment. source..

The Impact of Hispanic culture on Health within their community
The Impact of Hispanic culture on Health within their community
Hispanics are among the largest minority in America. Their population has been growing due to large influx of immigrants. Most of Hispanics migrate to America to search for better standard of living and so poverty is high among their communities. Poverty is an important issue of study in health care provision among Hispanics population because it is the main hindrance to provision of quality health care among their communities. When people are poor, they cannot afford basic health care and their illiteracy levels are so high that they cannot make reasonable health decisions. I decided to choose poverty as my topic because it will assist in understanding cultural issues that promote poverty and how they affect health among the Hispanics. In addition, the topic is essential in developing proposals that will assist in establishing measures that will be essential in poverty eradication, how affordable healthcare can be applied to the population and how the community will be assisted to develop their own health care initiatives that will be in accord with their cultures. According to the national census bureau, the 2010 poverty level among the Hispanics was 26.7%, which clearly show that poverty issues is a major social and economic factors that determine healthcare among the Hispanics.
The issue of poverty is a major issue to the public because there is a direct relationship between poverty and community health problems. The united state is one of the wealthiest nations, but there is a significant portion of population that wallows in poverty. The effects of poverty are a major focus of community health. Many studies have established that poor people, whose income is low have a lower health status than their counterparts with high income. Low income Americans especially the Hispanics are mo...
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