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Culture and Counter-Culture (Essay Sample)

Should answer all parts of the question and include an introduction (with a thesis) and conclusion. Essay Question Details Six of our ten last Presidents have come from the American West. Although each was not consistent in political ideology, this trend demonstrates the growing power and influence of the region. During this period, massive industrial, social, and political changes reflected the movement of liberalism and conservatism within the region and the country. Discuss the ebb and flow of culture and counter-culture from the post-war period (1940-50s) through the 1960s and into the 1980s. In your answer, be sure to address each of the following areas: politics (ex. Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan), popular culture (ex. Movies, music, recreation), and activism (ex. Students, the Black Panthers, environmentalists, AIM, source..
Culture and Counter-Culture
There exist periods in history when legendary traits are taken, meaning that people are substituting some stereotypes for the complexity of what really occurred in history. The ending of world war 11 in 1940s did not just bring war to an end, but the start of dynamic periods that were to affect the American society at different levels. This has continued to shape the American culture as it is known to date. The aim of this essay is to discuss the ebbs and flow of culture and counter-culture from the post-war period (1940-50s) through the 1960s and into the 1980s.
There were black and white images of apple vendors, along with dirty storms, suffering of middle-class individuals as well as social depression. 1950s experienced rebellions especially against the "president presiding over stagnated government;, while 1960 to 1980s welcomed campus demonstrations along with stoned hippies, as well as racial issues, morality and political changes.
In the entire period of 1960s to 1980S, the republicans were wining big, in each and every election, as compared to their win as a minority party. There wining in early 1960s was heroic as apart from symbolizing unity, it symbolized normalcy for the recovery of American nation from depression displacements and war. It was during this period that presidents like Ronald Reagan made a turning point in the American politics. States have been giving up most of their autonomy, while presidents acquire more and more authorities. Since 1966, the American politics changed completely as Black Americans were involved into poli...
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