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Mi'kmaq culture (Term Paper Sample)

This paper is mainly talk about the Mi'kmaq culture and the society change. Three main subtopics, the origin of mi'kmaq nation; the development of mi'kmaq nation through the Canadian history; the current situation of mi'kmaq especially in Cape Breton NS. All those three subtopics should include the social, cultural and economic factors.As the first nation people, the mi'kmaq developed throughout history and suffered a lot. In this paper, there should be three main topics as mentioned above, each of them should be two to three pages, plus the intro and conclusion, this whole paper should be around 10 pages. For the reference, it is better include the book"we were not the savages". source..

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The Mi’kmaq is a first nation people, indigenous to Canada mostly found in Maritime Provinces of Quebec. This land occupied by mi’kmaq speaking people is currently referred to as the Newfoundland which has a population of around 40000 with mi’kmaq consisting of 11000. The migration trend of mi’kmaq people has remained uncertain, but it is believed that they migrated to the Canadian Maritime Provinces from the north before the 14 century. They did little on farming as they were too far north to grow corn, and thus they heavily emphasized on hunting and fishing making them famous for their canoes.
The Micmac politically, are a loose union that is bound together by a common system of patrilineal clans. Each clan has its own symbol that and individual Micmac frequently uses to mark their lodges, canoes, and personal possessions. For the most part, Micmac clans which are referred to as bands are independent with their own chiefs and ceremonies, and this system has remained largely in place up to the present day. Their political authority begins with the chief who govern the villages in conjunction with council of elders.
The Origin of Mi’kmaq Nation
The origin of mi’kmaq people is not well documented but it is believed that they migrated from the north to what is currently known as Newfoundland. There have been boundary fluctuations through time, and this makes it impossible to estimate the exact area this traditional territory had covered. Many of the earliest accounts were not able to differentiate the native groups by names, and only the cultural traits and geographical location that were employed in attempting to do so (Martijn, 2003). The historical sweeping gleaned very little in many instances since the available literature regarding the mi’kmaq people has replete with misreading and suppositions that are false from them. The secondary sources on which the mi’kmaq is based cannot be relied as the historical accounts results in frustrations since there are no geographical indication and lack of apparent chronology. Most of available sources are erroneous, outdated and have fabricated information which has been in use for decades.
In one of the tracts which Richard Whitbourne produced regarding Newfoundland during the 1620s he mistakenly remarked that "on the East and South side of the Land, where the English doe fish ... there is not the least sign or appearance that ever there was any habitation of the Savages, or that they ever came into those parts, to the Southward of Trinity Bay; of which I could also give some reasons, if it were not a thing needless to trouble this discourse. It is not possible to calculate the traditional territory occupation (Millais, 1907). As the advent of colonial powers in this territory eventually split up mi’kmaq traditional territory into different international ter...
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