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Challenges That the Leaders of Today's Health Care Organizations Face (Essay Sample)


Choose two issues or challenges that the leaders of today's health care organizations face. Select from among the following topics:
1.Staff Shortage (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Providers, Ancillary Services)
2.Reorganization in Response to Merger or Consolidation of Services
3.Layoffs as a Result of Declining Revenues
4.Influx of Registry, Part-Time, and Temporary Contract Staff
5.Poor Performance Outcomes Leading to a Reduction in Medicare Reimbursement Dollars
6.Poor Job Satisfaction Rates Resulting in Turnover
You are the manager of an ancillary service department at a large, 500+ bed hospital. Develop a proposal (750-1,200 words) that is directed toward your staff, in which you address the following:
1.Inform the staff of the two issues (from the topics provided) your organization is facing.
2.Describe the impact of these issues on your department.
3.Describe how improved communication, collaboration, and teamwork can improve conditions in your department.
4.Identify at least two examples from the required or recommended readings of techniques found to foster inclusion and improve communication and collaboration.
5.A minimum of three academic references from credible sources are required for this assignment.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Challenges That the Leaders of Today's Health Care Organizations Face
Institutional Affiliation;
Today's American healthcare systems are faced with several challenges that need critical address before they get out of hand. In the coming years, these challenges are likely to put constraints on the quality of health. In responding to these factors, there are several proposed and implemented approaches that have been developed (Chassin, & Loeb, 2013). It is however, essential to emphasize that due to the natures of these issues, addressing them in one setting may prove to be challenging.
This paper therefore, seeks to address some of the critical matters that affect and challenge leaders in a healthcare setting. The paper will also focus on the impacts of these issues on a department and determine how improving communication and collaboration would improve the status of the department.
Issues Faced by Our Organization
It is important to mention that each and every health organization experience challenges in their functions of dispensing health services to the communities (Lubbe, & Roets, 2014). It is out of this aspect that our organization has also witnessed some challenges that have significantly affected the manner in which services are delivered to the community. Two of these challenges include; nurse shortages and poor job satisfaction that have resulted in low turnover rates.
Shortages in nurses have greatly increased over the past years. The delivery of care for the hospitalized patients is a complex initiative the required a well-coordinated approach that involves several key health professionals. Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Providers, including all the other allied health practitioners are needed in the provision of individualized health care service (Lubbe, & Roets, 2014). However, an insufficient supp...
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