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SLP Module 1: Ethical Dilemma in Environmental Health (Essay Sample)


Tasks for Module 1: (Critical thinking Assignment)
1.Identify and clarify an ethical dilemma facing your chosen discipline (i.e., health education, health care management, or environmental health). To achieve this, you will be expected to gather and evaluate relevant information (e.g., peer reviewed and credible sources) pertaining to the dilemma you’ve chosen to make the focus of your case assignment.
2.Identify and briefly discuss the competing ethical positions that accompany the issue and the applicable ethical theories and principles.
SLP Assignment Expectations
1.Limit your responses to three pages, not including title and reference pages, and be sure to properly cite all references within the text of your assignment and listed at the end.
2.Please support your discussions with scholarly support (3-5 references). Be sure to properly cite all references.
3.Apply critical thinking skills to your response- specifically to #2 above.


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Introduction: Ethical Dilemma in Environmental Health
To begin with, it is important to consider the definition of environmental health. According to the World Health Organization, there are two simultaneous definitions of environmental health. The first definition relates to the effects of the environment on human health; the second one relates to environmental health services. However, the first definition suits this paper. Based on this definition, environmental health consists of all aspects relating to human health (the quality of life included) that tend to be influenced by chemical, physical, biological, psychosocial, and social factors present in the surrounding environment. Still in this context, environmental health may refer to the practice as well as theory of assessing and refining, controlling and eliminating potentially harmful factors that may affect human populations presently and in the future (Bayer & Beauchamp, 2007).
A classic example of an environmental health dilemma is pollution, specifically air pollution. Globalization has created new era modern crises that have further led to significant changes in what is normally as good and bad, wrong and right. Air pollution poses great health risks not only to human health, but also to plants and animals. Ethically, there are a lot of study mate...
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