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The Different Reactions by the Media Houses and the Society (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


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Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography
Sheppard, Judith. (1997). Double Punishment? American Journalism Review. November 1997.
The paper discusses the different reactions by the media houses and the society in general in regard to the California state low that had it that the names and addresses of the sex offenders were to be publicized. This caused an ethical dilemma for the journalists as the law was contrary to the ethical requirement of journalism which requires that they should maintain the privacy and freedom of the offenders. To many it was a conflict of interest between the disclosing the person’s identities and protection of society and the need to protect the privacy rights of the sex offenders. With these laws in place the sexual offenders whose names were publicized some of them lost their jobs and others could not be employed because their name was tarnished. There was a dilemma in the publication of names and addresses of sexual offenders in which the names of the news makers and editors appeared in the list of sexual offenders. The need to maintain the image of the newsroom, the need to adhere to the laws and the protection of rights all subjected newsrooms in serious dilemma. Majority of the people really questioned on the effectiveness of this policy to effectively deal with the sexual offenders.
Gee, A. (2015). The Outcast at the Gate. The Pacific Standard, March/April 2015
The article discusses on the Coalinga a 1500 bed state hospital in the center of California and its effectiveness in the prevention of sexual recidivism from the sexual offenders. From the onset the author describes the Coalinga state hospital as a place where the criminals who the court considers to possibly cause another sexual offense are recommended and detained for some time. While in the hospital they are taken through several therapies to help them reduce the likelihood of sexual offending again. These therapies include actuarial risk assessment and phallometric testing. However, the success of this method has not been very effective and majority of the people are in argument that the Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) is more effective than the Coalinga methods. Majority of the people who have undergone through the two systems are in support of the COSA than the Coalinga method. The major reason for this difference is that unlike the Coal...
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