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Human Resource Management: Six Vignettes Of The Leadership (Essay Sample)


 Read and Analyse the case study provided with the coursework.

Using the learning resources used in class and the lecture notes answer the following questions.

1.     Which leadership style is relevant to each of the vignettes provided in the case study?
2.     How did you recognize the leadership style?
3.     Explain how the leadership style is applied in the vignettes?
4.     How can you apply these leadership styles in your context?

Individual Report

Report Format

You should write your individual report professionally by following the instructions below:

  • A maximum of 1800 - 2000 words (excluding reference list and appendix)
  • Word processed on A4 paper with a font size of 12
  • Leave 2.5cm (1 inch) margin on both the right and the left side of the page
  • Use 1.5 line space
  • Number pages continuously
  • Label all tables, figures, and so on
  • You should use the Harvard System of Referencing for your references. 
  • Make sure you have a cover page on your “Report” with the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your student number
    • The module title and code
    • Your Tutor’s name
    • Date of submission
    • Word count

In this paper, the focus will be on the six vignettes provided to study the leadership styles exercised in each those six vignettes. Then the discussion will further evolve to understand and outline the key points based on which such determination (of leadership styles) is made. These key points will not be discussed in extreme details, but a summary will be given to establishing my point best here. In the last, a self-opinion will be presented on how leadership styles, which have been recognized in the six vignettes how those (one or a combination of more than one), can be applied in my context. It will be my attempt to present a logical point throughout this assignment and not to deviate from the actual question.
Which leadership style is relevant to each of the vignettes provided in the case study?
The leadership style of the first vignette is Laissez-faire that is due to some of the characteristics associated with this type of leadership style. This type of leadership is rarely effective because the leaders do not tend to make decisions in this leadership style and ask the member to make decisions. Such style is known to less productive as everyone is counting on others to do the job.
This vignette has a mixture of two leadership styles. The first one is the directive, which is also famously known as autocratic leadership. The second leadership style is participative. Both styles have certain key points vested in them that create a link with the second vignette.
This vignette has some signs of transformational leadership. The characteristics of the transformational leadership are that a leader works with his or her team to identify and bring change with a process of streamlined strategies to meet a goal.
The leadership style that is being exercised here is democratic. This is again due to the features that come with democratic leadership (involvement of other members in the team to get their ideas so they can feel valued and contribute towards the achievement of major goal) create a link with the fourth vignette.
Directive leadership is the one that seems to be in action here. Helen, who decides on behalf of every human resource manager that what policy they will adhere to is an autocratic leader.
There are clear signs of transformational leadership in Margarita approach to deal with her colleagues, Nicholas and Eugene.
How did you recognize the leadership style?
There is a clear indication present in this short case study which enables us to determine the leadership style as Laissez-faire. All the top-level manager and local and regional managers do not respond to the alarming situation in the room and waiting for someone else to pass the orders. This is one of the few basics of Laissez-faire leadership that people do not take initiative and do not take charge of the situation and they wait for others to come forward with something. It is this point, or situation, in vignette one which enables us to determine the Laissez-faire as the leadership style being exercised here.
This vignette describes the working styles and the personality of Michael who is an analyst. He is very good at this work and has years of experience in his portfolio. His division of work amongst his team members, dictation at some stages and participation at almost every stage enable us to determine that Michael exercises a combination of two leadership styles. He borrows some aspects of autocratic leadership style such as taking and maintain...

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