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Diet and Nutrtition (Essay Sample)


apa style paper, I need this for 5 powerpoint slides, so please write accordingly, brief introductory paragraph on topic, general information on issue in terms of risk factors or consequences, symptoms or benefits. Detail the dietary recommendations associated with the particular issue. State 3 diet or nutrition related recommendations. explain why each of them are important. find 2 resources where more information can be extracted.


Diet and Nutrition: Diabetes
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Diet and Nutrition: Diabetes
Nutrition is consumption of food considering the body’s need of a diet. In nutrition, diet means the food that people eat over a given period of time. A balanced diet is achieved by choosing foods in correct amounts from each of the main food groups. It is essential for growth of organisms preventing disorders and other malnutrition diseases (Laditka & Laditka, 2015). One of those diseases is diabetes. It a disease associated with lack of producing or properly utilizing insulin. Insulin is a hormone that breaks down sugar into energy. The current paper looks keenly into the aspects of diabetes with regards to diet and nutrition. Basically, diabetes is a disorder of insulin and leptin signaling (Stevens, 2013). Leptin is the hormone responsible for control of appetite and body weight. To some point, Leptin holds responsibility of accuracy of insulin. Diabetes is nearly 100% curable (Stevens, 2013). However, its cure should be based on its underlying cause. This is a mistake many doctors make, thus failing to cure the disease. Diabetes is generally caused by the insulin failing to perform its primary role of storing excess nutri...
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