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Cultural Considerations (Essay Sample)


Cultural Considerations 
Through the health history interview, nurses attempt to gather important information that also guides the physical assessment. Individuals will respond differently to the same set of questions, and their responses are influenced by culture, age, and health beliefs. It is essential to be aware of those factors that can affect the patient's responses. Reflect on the interview and assessment techniques you currently use in practice or that you have used previously (if you are not currently in a clinical setting, base your response on your past experiences). Review the media and readings, and then respond to the following:
•How are assessment and interview techniques influenced by the patient's culture, age, and health beliefs? Provide specific examples. 
•How might a nurse's cultural background, health beliefs, and age influence the health history interview and physical assessment process?


Health history interview and assessment
A patient health history interview is a diagnostic and therapeutic tool used by medics especially nurses in their daily clinical practice. According to Li (2010) "The art of interviewing a patient is one of the trickiest clinical ability to master" p.947. The nurse, in this case, needs both to grasp both emotional, and intellectual, analytical skills of diagnosis accompanied by social interpersonal skill to enable him/her to achieve effective communication by the patient and establish rapport.
Techniques currently used the practice
It's the therapeutic task of the nurse to institute a helping liaison or rather relationship in the conversation. It's the foundation of medical practice. A medical interview is the best platform for building trust and commitment between the clinicians and patients. However, this does not occur magically. It takes a non-judgmental approach, active listening and concern for the patient on the side of the nurse. It's also essential to admit the fact that each patient is different. Each patient is special because people come from diverse cultural backgrounds with unique health beliefs. Age is also another issue that should be factored in when conducting the interview. Other techniques of skilled interviewing include; guided questioning, non-verbal communication, emphatic responses, reassurance, transitions and empowering the patient (Li, 2010 p.947).
Factors that affect patient response in the interview
Patent culture, age a...
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