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Behavioral Problem: Assessing And Managing Add (Essay Sample)


A patient who presented with an Attention deficit disease in your Practicum experience. Describe your experience in assessing and managing the patient and his or her family. Include details of your


Assessing and Managing ADD
Institutional Affiliation
The prevalence of Attention Deficit Disorder has been increasing in the past few years. The growth of the spreading disorder has attracted attention from all medical fields to come up with a solution for the problem. Many efforts have been made to research on the disorder and the probable ways of curing it. Of late, these efforts have borne fruits and they have been used on several patients successfully. These processes have been documented and put into use hence they have saved many lives. This paper explains the effectiveness of these methods through the procedures undertaken.
Assessment of ADD
There are multiple stages used in the assessment of ADD. After assessment, the formal diagnosis is done and then treatment process follows later. The assessment is done in four major stages. The first stage is the identification of the patient’s needs (CDC., 2005). The patient’s needs should also correspond to the family’s needs. The second steps involves the clinical examination of the patient which will determine if there are any other accompanying illnesses whose symptoms resonate with those of ADD (CDC., 2005). The third step involves the use of assessment tools in determining the degree of ADD that the patient has (CDC., 2005). The final step analyzes the results of interviews done with the parents, patients and the teachers of the patient (CDC., 2005).
Management of ADD
In managing ADD, the patient is subjected to various activities which help to improve the situation. First the patient is referred to a specialist who will prescribe the necessary medicine according to the patient’s age (CDC., 2005). The use of drugs in the treatment process in a comprehensive program that takes p...
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