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Analysis Areas, Examining, And Validating The Results (Essay Sample)


Primary Analysis Areas
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"The ultimate goal of systems analysis is to provide answers to key questions that are needed to define the new system or systems."
Based on this statement, the background material for this module, your experience, and other scholarly sources of information, what primary analysis area/s do you believe are most commonly overlooked or inadequately addressed? Why?
Provide examples and discussion to support your answers.


Analysis Areas, Examining, and Validating the Results Module 3 Discussion
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Analysis Areas, Examining, and Validating the Results Module 3 Discussion
There are different primary analysis areas that are often overlooked or inadequately addressed when it comes to defining new system or systems. For instance, during evaluation of health information systems, one of the primary areas that is ignored is how the technology itself will interact with human beings (Ammenwerth, et al, 2003). Whereas system analysis may be done to determine the functionality and efficiency of the new IT system, most organizations tend to ignore how the new technology will be utilized by the medical personnel. Lack of adequate training on the use of the new health IT systems will lead to redundancy and ineffective use of the new technology.
Second, evaluation may fail to put into consideration the entire lifecycle of the health IT system since professionals are only looking at th

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