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Use of kidspiration in education (Essay Sample)

APA guideline when citing. Must cite Learning and Instruction: Theory into Practice (6th Edition)by Gredler. For my paper I want to use Kidspiration reading and writing program. source..

Use of kidspiration in education
Behavioral perspectives presuppose that behavior emanates from the interaction with the environment; as such learning is not inborn and depends on the surroundings from people, media and the society at large. There is no single theory of behavioral learning, but behavioral perspectives in learning tend to focus on the principle of reinforcement as the basis for learning. Computer assisted had had a profound impact on learning and training for students especially those with learning difficulties. Behavior perspectives highlight the observable alteration in behavior and computer software may be better suited as behavior change form use of computer programs is observable. Learning connotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills through studying or instructions which lead to behavior change through experience (Gredler, 2008).
For teachers the program helps to organize lesson plans as they can create flowcharts and concept maps. Additionally, they can add files and graphics and it enhances the completion of projects by connecting related activities. The information is mostly presented in a single page, and instructors can easily integrate different aspects of a course or curriculum. The teacher still retains control over the use of the program, and a template in the program helps to explain instructions. Repetition can be used to enhance understanding the use of the program as it is also user friendly and easy to navigate. The main benefit of kidspiration is that it integrates visual graphics in the learning process. For sciences the software is vital as children begin with making visual pictures and organizing conformation. The software determines the child’s behavior as they can learn on their own, through repletion and reinforcement they learn easily than through traditional means of learning. Children normally have limited knowledge about many concepts, but through Kidspiration any idea generated may actually lead to learning. Visual representation shows whether the children are making any progress in the learning process as they can formulate hypotheses and test whether their ideas work.
Kidspiration enhances the reading and writing process as students build on their expressions, and grasp the meaning of words. Additionally, experienced users of the program are able to organize their ideas before writing as well as enhance their comprehension skills. Students develop critical skills and creativity through combining representation and words to explain certain scenarios and compare divergent things. Additionally, they can change to more writing oriented features in the program instead of mere visual presentation. Nonetheless, the software only offers the basic structure of a writing an assignment and the student has to eventually resort to using word processing programs. For this software to work appropriately, the input of the teacher is necessary, but students can also l...
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