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Diabetes and Hypertension (Essay Sample)

1. Evaluate the impact of the family's genetic history of diabetes and hypertension on an adult participant's future health. For example, what might that mean for the adult participant's future health? 2. Plan changes based on the evaluation of the adult participant'sfamily's health history that will promote an optimal level of wellness both now and in the future. Include what information you would provide to the adult participant regarding the results of the family genetic history. source..

Diabetes and Hypertension
Diabetes and Hypertension
Diabetes refers to a group of diseases characterized by hyperglycemia manifested by polyuria, polyphagia and polydipsia (Cotran, Kumar & Robins, 1994). There major types of diabetes are Type I, Type II and heart disease. Type II is related to the impaired responsiveness of the body cells to the insulin produced. Gestational arises during the pregnancy (Cotran, Kumar & Robins, 1994).
Hypertension is elevated systemic blood pressures above the level of 140/90mmHg (Dorman et al, 1999). Primary hypertension has no obvious medical cause with secondary being related to the malfunctions in the various organs like kidneys, arteries, heart or hormonal changes.
A family history showing the above diseases increases the chances of the offspring being infected. Some genes are dominant whereas others are recessive. Dominant genes are more likely to be inherited in the family. Homozygous parents are also more likely to transmit a given type of mutation to the offspring than heterozygous parents.
Type II diabetes is majorly due to the sedentary lifestyle leading to mutations which can then be inherited. The body contains the gene Beta-3-adrenergic receptor gene that aids in the manufacturing of the protein that controls the rate of metabolism in fat cells when one is at rest. A mutation in this gene leads to obesity as the rate of breakdown of lipids in the body is slowed down hence predisposing one to Type II diabetes. One particular pattern of mutation in this gene is TRP64ARG. This entails the replacement of the amino acid Tryptophan with Arginine at the 64th position impairing the functioning of the protein formed. The mutation of I164T gene that results in lowered adiponectin levels leads to increased insulin tolerance with an impaired fat and glucose metabolism. Another gene whose mutation is related to Type II diabetes is HMGA1. HMGA1 gene is responsible f...
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