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marketing of unhehealthy food to children (Essay Sample)

It needs to be in three sections: Introduction & Thesis Problem & First Reason Problem & Second Reason Cover Page Reference Page source..
Marketing Junk Foods Name of student Name of instructor Name of institution Course Date due Introduction Food promotion is the process used by food companies to convince intake of their items. Food promotion mainly involves promotion of harmful food stuffs, with the main focus audience being – kids. Some of the common junk food comes as snacks, which most people buy for comfort and immediate satisfaction. Snacks mostly consist of chewing gum, candy, harmful food, sweet cereal products, high sodium junk foods, baked foods, and fizzy carbonated drinks, though they are not totally limited to these. Fast foods fall under different categories depending on nutritional value, but most of them are usually harmful. These consist of pizzas, burgers, sausages, Chips, burritos, tacos and meat cakes, among many others. Thesis statement This paper looks at how to promote junk food to kids TV Advertisements Marketers focus on kids and youngsters because they are good at impacting their father and mother's buying choices, in addition to that some already have their own buying power. Furthermore, kids and youngsters are potential adult consumers in the future. Each day, kids aged between two and nineteen watch an average of over 15 food product commercials. In all these commercials, about 98% of them feature and enhance foodstuffs with high levels of fats, sugar, salt, and sodium. About 80% of all food commercials enhance meals that are low in fibers. Most of these commercials focus on both kids and mother and father by using well-known caricatures and celebrity figures illustrating junk food to be great sources of vitamins, fibers, or whole grains. Such promotion has been discovered to improve preference, buying, and intake for promoted junk stuff, and demands or tantrums to convince mother and father to purchase the advertized meals (Powell & Chaloupka 2010). Though TV commercials are still the primary methods of promotion junk products, food promotion has evolved rapidly because of the advancement of technology. Food and drink promoters are competitive in promoting their items through the internet, mobile phones, sms messages, in movies, video games, video consoles, and even in schools. The promoters design these advertisements in such a way that the items are represented as appealing to the customer in a fun and entertaining way. This way, even mother and father are unable to protect their kids from extraordinary promotion of junk foods and drinks. According to media knowledge specialists, only a purposeful and recurring mental effort can help a k...
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