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Leading with technology : Leadership styles and skills in promoting employee innovation (Essay Sample)

select a topic of interest to you integrating the topics of leadership and technology , ideas for paper topic include : leadership types and styles that contribute-impede effective technology planning and implementation , leading change and promoting innovation in an organization , issue and topics around information technology and privacy or safety , trends in technology and innovation that will impact education .(select a topic these ideas offered only as examples) source..

Leadership styles and skills in promoting employee innovation
Leadership skills and styles in promoting innovation in an organization
Leadership is a process of social influence where a person enlists the support and aid of others in the achievement of a common goal, objective or task. Various schools of thought have come up with different definitions of leadership, styles and characteristics. However this paper seeks to discuss concept of leadership styles and skills in leading change and promoting innovation in an organization. As the leader of the task force charged with promoting innovation, one is required to exhibit leadership equation, power of vision, significance of ethics, ability to empower people, principles of leadership, human abilities and understanding, high level of effectiveness, ability to develop other people, and performance management (Weiss & Legrand, 2011).
In order to promote innovation in an organization effectively, a leader needs to possess various leadership skills. In addition, a leader needs to exhibit distinct leadership traits, behavior, styles and qualities. As a leader one needs to be able to provide awareness of unity to all members of the organization. The members will also have the ability to develop interpersonal relationship where every member gets a chance to learn from each other and contribute to work. In order to enhance togetherness towards achieving our common goal, a leader must portray leadership qualities and skills (Weiss & Legrand, 2011).
The leadership skills required in promoting technology and innovation in an organization incl...
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