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Cause beyond oneself (Essay Sample)

Discuss 2 major concepts - Equity and social justice to include: (a) professional development and incorporating new information in the classroom (b) flexibility in teaching/learning styles c) making school curriculum relevant by incorporating diversity/student background (d) parent involvement (e) community partnerships and intervention programs (f) preparing all students for global outlook and interaction g) ongoing assessment. Textbook pgs. will be emailed separately. MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE NEWLY ATTACHED FILE!!! source..
Cause beyond oneself is one of the main tenets of ethics in society. It is a principle that advocates for advancing a cause that seeks to promote the welfare of the society over and above self-interest. In the education system, it has been argued that for a school to be successful, a teacher must go beyond the self (John, 2010). This discussion seeks to demystify the meaning of beyond the self in the context of the education system. This discussion will focus on social justice and equity and how the two concepts contribute towards the attainment of a successful education system. Particular attention of the discussion will be on professional development, diversity, parental involvement, community partnerships and intervention programs, global outlook and interaction, and ongoing assessment.
Cause beyond the Self
In their quest for professional progression, more often teachers ignore their duties of provision of a quality education (Brock, 2008). This trend has seen a decline in the standards and quality of education offered in schools (John, 2010). It is therefore crucial for both supervisors and teachers to reach a common round. Professional development and incorporating new information in the classroom is essential in enhancing the success of an education system. Teachers with the help and collaboration of their supervisors should endeavor to introduce new information to students. This helps professional development on the part of the teachers and better exposure for students.
This is a crucial concept in enhancing a successful education system. Professional development and incorporation of new information in the classroom by teachers is paramount. Education is one of the sectors that are largely dynamic. This will ensure equity for both parties. On one hand, a teacher will advance their self-interest of acquiring more knowledge while students will also gain form the newly acquired knowledge by teachers. Teachers will also learn new methods of teaching which will facilitate the process of learning. This will also contribute in incorporation of diversity instead of a conservative and narrowed approach to learning (John, 2010).
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