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Discussion Education Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Discuss "External Pressures" and Student Success by sharing the external pressure of Accredititation requirement and how it impact student success in your opinion.
Read Setting the Sage: Funding Realities and Talent Resources(2012) uploaded


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One of the key external pressures on talent according to Evans and Chun (2012) is accreditation requirements. According to the authors, these requirements are “the ultimate litmus test” for the sustainability of higher education institutions. I believe the values promoted by the accreditation requirements impact the success of students positively.
The values fostered by the accreditation requirements seek to promote the effectiveness of human resources in delivering educational programs and attaining learning goals. In this sense, therefore, it is deducible that the values create an environment it is easy for students to succeed. I believe that with the accreditation requirements, institutions of higher learning have an increased incentive to implement programs that encou

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