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Your Family: Identifying Attachment Relationships (Essay Sample)


Family Attachments
Show What You Know About Family and Attachment: Paper on Family and Attachment.
Write a short paper identifying attachment relationships between you and your family and/or significant others using a genogram to display your family attachments (see below).
The paper should be 3 pages plus a reference page if necessary:
1 The first page should be a narrative (in essay format) of your concept of family: your definition and description of what makes up a family. This could include cultural or religious practices or, perhaps, economic and/or family values.
2 The second page is a genogram in which you will depict your family relationships and attachments (see below for instructions).
3 The third page is your analysis of the relationships and attachment depicted in your genogram. What understanding of your attachment relationships came about from this exercise? Were there any surprises?
To construct the genogram, use the typical format for lines and symbols for connection. Use the resources outlined in the Content Guide on Families in this module to assist you; or you can locate your own. This is a conventional genogram of your family with symbols and lines identifying gender and relationship connections. For example, squares symbolize males, circles symbolize females. Submit it in any format that is convenient for you as long as I can access a clean copy. You may likely be able to draw this on your computer, either using a drawing program or by scanning in a genogram done by hand (like you would a photograph or a drawing), but hand drawing on paper is fine, too. One of the ways to create a genogram is using Microsoft Word. Please view the instructions on how to create a genogram in Word and save it in a format that transfers well.
Some students have found www(dot)Genopro(dot)com on the internet to be helpful. You are welcome to use this or any resource, but the problem in transmission remains.
Attachments in Families: After you have completed the family genogram, add the following to identify the kinds of attachment relationships you have (or had) with your family members:
four lines for a connection that is a strong attachment,
three lines for a moderate attachment,
two lines for a minimal attachment, and
broken line for a negative attachment.
One line is the default, indicating there is a connection but not an attachment, such as a connection with someone who might be related to you, but never emotionally connected.
( please see attached my essay I wrote it in the first module. Just so you will have an idea about me ( my life ) . It might help you in writing this paper .)
Thank you


Family Attachment
Institution of Affiliation
The concept of family is very broad aspect that sociologists and other social analysts have not come up with a comprehensive definition of what an ideal family is made up of. This has become particularly difficult with the emergence of modern families usually made up of couples of the same sex, making it difficult to apply the old definition of earlier sociologists of what family is made up of. However, one working definition has it that a family is a basic unit of people who are related CITATION Van14 \l 1033 (Vannassche, Matthijs, Swicegood, & Anne, 2014).
There is a wide description of what makes up a family which can be clearly looked at from different perspectives. Cultural conservatives have put families to present a mother, a father and possibly a child. On the other hand, socialogists have constantly referred to a family in terms of roles, whereby in most cases a man has been given the role of provision while the mother has assumed the role of doing household jobs. There are many deviations in recent times that have changed these traditional concepts of a family; a single –parent family of either a man or a woman is an example of such deviations CITATION Van14 \l 1033 (Vannassche, Matthijs, Swicegood, & Anne, 2014).
There are so many descriptions that can be attached to any family in terms of cultural, religious and economic perspectives. In terms of religion, the basic unit of any family includes a father, a mother and a child. This has remained the standard in which families have been looked at for ages. The economic perspective tries to introduce finance in the general description of a family. In this case, it is important to show how the family drives its general livelihood. On the other hand, any cultural perspective tends to limit a family into the views of past ages which might not necessarily be applicable in the present world CITATION Van14 \l 1033 (Vannassche, Matthijs, Swicegood, & Anne, 2014)...
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