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W2 DICUSSION Ethical Dilemma Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


Please read the scenario below and answer the following questions. Remember to justify your answers. (There is no "correct" answer as this is an ethical dilemma)
You are working as a medical registrar. The hospital you work for is having clinical trials for drugs to treat back pain. You know insurance will not cover a drug in the experimental phase. As you register a caucasian male 34 years old, you believe he is fabricating some of his answers that would qualify him for the study. You can see the patient is in pain, but he technically would not be suited for the study yet he would probably would benefit from the medication. What do you do and why?


Ethical Dilemma
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Ethical Dilemma
In this scenario, I would not deliver the medication to the patient. Although there is potential for him to benefit from the drug, there are other important factors that must be considered before conducting clinical trials on an individual. The issue presents numerous ethical concerns that must be addressed before administering the medication to the patient. First, there is no patient consent that he is willing to participate in the clinical trial. As the practitioner, you may understand that the medication can help him recover, but without consent, the clinical trial must never be conducted on him (Hicks et al., 2001).
Another essential aspect that warrants not to consider the man for the trial is the perception that he is fabric

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