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Reflection Paper 1 Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please discuss an ethical dilemma you’ve faced in your life. If possible, pick one that relates to a work situation, though one from your personal life will be fine as well. Please describe the dilemma, and if you’re comfortable indicate what decision or course of action you took. (I'm thinking about writing ethical issues about I used to work at a bubble tea store, but the manager arreared of wages to employees on the grounds that business is bad and earnings are low. )
Then, discuss any personal, and any situational/organizational factors that came into play. Please mention them briefly, and how they may have affected your moral awareness and decision.
Your paper should be one to two double-spaced pages, using 1 inch margins and a normal sized font. Your reflection paper will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Please submit through Canvas, using the corresponding link.


Reflection Paper 1
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Reflection Paper 1
An ethical dilemma is an issue in the decision-making process between two probable options, none of which is totally acceptable from a moral perspective (Woiceshyn, 2018). It occurs in every aspect of life from personal to social to professional. It can also be experienced in every sector including education, healthcare and business. Every day, we face moral dilemmas but understanding how to do the right thing and differentiating between the right and wrong can be a problem (Woiceshyn, 2018).

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