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TUX 101 WEEK 3 CASE: SMART Goal Worksheet (Essay Sample)

TUX_101_WEEK_3_CASE_INSTRUCTIONS_PART_1.docx Academic Goal Setting: McGrew, K. (2008). Academic Goal Setting. Retrieved December 9, 2011, from: http://www(dot)iapsych(dot)com/acmcewok/Academicgoalsetting.html. McDonald, L.T., (2010). – Goal setting mega site. Retrieved December 9. 2011, from: http://www(dot)howtostudy(dot)org/resources_skill.php?id=3. (Most links are to other institutions goal setting sites.) Meyer, Paul (2003). "What would you do if you couldn't fail?" Attitude is Everything. Retrieved Febraruy 29, 2012 from: click here How to Create Smart Goals Video: http://www(dot)careerealism(dot)com/how-create-smart-goals/ Read the information on the background page of the module pertaining to the goal setting. In addition, we will review a well-known approach to creating goals, known as the SMART criteria. George Doran first developed the SMART criteria for goal setting in an 1981 issue of Management Review. You will now create your own goal setting worksheet using the following template: Click here Written by Chrissy Scivicque, reprinted with Permission from Office Arrow at Click on the template above. You will create TWO goals. Please set one academic goal for this current session. The second goal should be a long term academic goal. Complete the template, Assignment Expectations: Submit your completed goal worksheet for this case to Coursenet. Make sure you use the SMART goal techniques and create two goals, one goal for this session and one long term goal. source..
SMART Goal Worksheet
Today’s Date: _11/2/2013______________ Target Date: _11/18/2013_______________ Start Date: 11/4/2013_________________
Date Achieved: _______________
Short Run Academic Goal: _Learn about the SPSS statistical package within two weeks_________________________________________________________________________
Verify that your goal is SMART
Specific: What exactly will you accomplish?
I wish to improve my skills in statistical analysis to aid in quantitative studies, in particular this will aid in research analysis. Furthermore, I want to improve my overall math’s skills using the software, and this intervention will rely on SPSS learning and focusing on instructions by teachers.
________________________________________________________________________________I ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Measurable: How will you know when you have reached this goal?
The success of this course will depend on whether I will be comfortable in using the SPSS software on my own. To measure the progress and proficiency of using the software I will simulate analysis from published works and compare results with the actual data presented.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Achievable: Is achieving this goal realistic with effort and commitment? Have you got the resources to achieve this goal? If not, how will you get them?
Understanding how to use the SPSS statistical software does not involve a lot of resources, and as such, through attending all the classes and practice this will be achievable. The goal is attainable through integrating SPSS analysis in to my own studies and research work.
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