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Personal History Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a brief 2-page personal essay describing a moment in your life where turning to history – whether personal, of your family or of the city or country – has helped you understand your circumstances.
Your essay does not have to be "formal" with a thesis and argument. In fact, it should be written in a first-person voice. But since this is your first chance to introduce yourself through your writing, please use your best writing skills and techniques.
The paper is due by 10 am on Wednesday, Sept 2.
Example of what the essay could be about a personal struggle, (I am the first person in my family to attend college), connecting with culture since I am an immigrant but you could ask questions necessary for you to complete this assignment.


Personal Essay
Due Date
Personal Essay
In life, there are things that push us to do better and to strive beyond what we deem possible or attainable. At times, we carry these things with us every day and tap into the energy they gift us from time to time. Other times we find ourselves with immense energy but never could explain from whence it comes. Often, in the latter case, this energy or drive is tied to things deep inside us or in our past. However, one is never sure unless they dig deeper into their past and piece the pieces together. For those who dig deeper, 

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