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Descriptive writing Creative Writing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


For your descriptive writing assignment, you are going to focus on telling us about aplace in your current city and/or hometown that leaves you feeling a strong emotionalresponse. That place can be anywhere from your kitchen to a park to your favorite cafe.That emotion can be anything, from joy to sadness to anxiety to peace. There are nolimits.Once you have chosen your location, your goal is to write a descriptive essay focusingon your personal sensory and emotional experiences in that space. In this essay, youshould introduce the space and its importance to you before the main content begins: 3paragraphs in which you describe 3 of the senses that are important to the experiencesof that space. Think about sight, sound, taste, touch, and small.As you write, please consider the following expectations:●2 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman font, size 12●5 paragraphs total, including an introduction and conclusion●Description of 3 senses total, minimum●Focus on using a variety of descriptive vocabulary for senses and emotionsUpload first draft to canvas by Sunday, September 13th. Your draft will be graded onthe following features:●Description: 7.5 points○Does your essay describe 3 senses with diverse vocabulary?○Does your essay connect the sensory description to emotion?●Format/Completion 2.5○Does your essay address all expectations in the prompt?○Does your essay following the formatting guidelines above?●Total = /10


My Favorite Cafe in the Afternoon
[professor]There are places, where we have and have been coming to, that activates our being. In these places, we get to remember memories and to some extent, relive the moment. There is a cafe I frequent to which existence touches my sense. I have been there many times with different people -- family, close friends, acquaintance, and new people -- and in most times by myself. The place is spacious enough for several people to go around without bumping into each other. Though I have never really seen it crowded and I like it. I tend to enjoy a place that does not have much movement going around. It makes me breathe at ease because I will not feel consumed by the activities that my senses can recognize.
I go there mostly in the afternoons because that is my usual free time. Afternoons do not get the cafe many customers because people would go home instead. That is why I visit the cafe at the time when the streets are busy with people heading home. The only people in the cafe, aside from me, would be the baristas and people who spend leisure time or meet with friends. What I also like about this cafe is their arrangement of chairs and tables which is very accommodating for spending alone time. Some chairs are distanced from the center for observers

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