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International Students and Stress Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


you must get the idea from the uploaded articles and resources should be from teh uploaded files
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use proper punctuation and capitalization
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International Students and Stress
In the 21st century, more opportunities for studying abroad have been created being an advantage to the youths who desire to study in foreign countries (Toews, 2020). This has been spurred by the increased globalization and need for technical improvement as the current age of technology progresses. The idea of going to a foreign country fills the students with a lot of excitement and high expectations of how life would be away from home (Toews, 2020). Many people, especially in the developing countries, believe that studying abroad creates higher opportunities of having a great future. For a good number of foreign students, the experience of studying abroad has been a positive one. International students experience a lot of effects in foreign countries, such as anxiety, loneliness, stress and prejudice. The literature examines and evaluates the possible causes and effects of stress among international students.

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