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My 1BA3 Portfolio of Competency Development – Stress Management (Coursework Sample)


This reflection and academic have nothing to do with the student's personal experience, try to write a freshman's writing level, not required but demanding high authenticity. This assignment has a ppt on the school website to see some of the information about the assignment and the purpose of the assignment. There is also a scoring standard for the assignment. Please take a look at the content   In addition, some of them are about the contents of the lectures. I put them in the attached photos, but that is what my classmates wrote, except that the formula can be written, and other places to write their own. Then this job needs to compare the reflection written for the first time. I put the reflection written for the first time in the attachment.

I my procrastination, I didn't reach the second requirement [review on timej. That's probably the reason I only got 77 for midterm.What? (Stress Management Foundations)
1. What does S+T=R mean and what does Dp > Rp = Sd mean? (100 words max)Answer:
S-KT=R is Situation + Thinking = Response. It means in the given situation, people will response differently corresponding to how they think. D > R = S is Perceived Demands > Perceived Resources = Stress. It means that tell if the perceived demand such as family pressures, job pressure, school pressure are greater than the resources such as time, money, confidence, then stress will be created with behavioral physiological, psychological symptoms.2. What are the differences between the two types of stressors and three types of stress? (150 words max) Answer:
Internal stressor: stress induce thoughts or behaviors. These thoughts come from one s psychological mindset or expectations. For example, you hope yourself to be perfect and then you will feel stressful. External stressor are external factors, which are forces that you can't easily control. For examples, the deadlines of an assignment or a coming exam..


My 1BA3 Portfolio of Competency Development – Stress Management
Reflection #2Student Name:
What? (Time Management Progress)
1 Answer:I believe that I am progressing well, as I am aware of the small distractions that interrupt my schedule. In the first SMART goal, I am aware how perfectionism affects me and as I focus on the quality of work expected in the required time. In the second SMART goal, using the software/ app helps as there are fewer distractions. Using the software helps as I am aware of the expected results. I am also more relaxed and where possible I take systematic breaks from time to time rather than allow the distractions to affect me anytime.What is my Time Management progress to date? (Have I achieved my success indicators as noted in LP#1, have I accomplished my two SMART goals from LP#1, why or why not?)(100 words max)
What? (Stress Management Foundations)

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