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Graduates Need Financial Help (English HW) (Essay Sample)

Take the three paragraphs from Homework 3 and write an introductory and concluding paragraph (40 points). This will give you five full paragraphs. Make sure you label the type of introduction (15 types, pp. 82-84) and the type of conclusion (12 types, pp. 87-89) you have used. For example, you might use Type 14, the motto or maxim, as an introduction and type 5, a warning, for your conclusion. Place the name of the introduction/conclusion you have used underneath the title of your essay. Example “Good Grammar makes Good Writing” Introduction: 14- A Proverb, maxim, or motto Conclusion: 5- A warning based on the essay's thesis I will attach HW 3 for check. source..

Graduates Need Financial Help
Introduction: 14- A Proverb, maxim, or motto
Conclusion: 5- A warning based on the essay’s thesis
Carolyn Nguyen
Excelsior College
Graduates Need Financial Help
Many students access financial aid so that they can study smoothly when pursuing higher education in universities and colleges around the world. These loans get into students’ bank accounts during the onset of every academic year. However, most of these students who are usually young less experienced in managing finances end up squandering most of the money. They do this oblivious to the reality that they are the ones to pay back the loaned amount of money which in addition accrues interest over the years of their academic studies. In college or university, they are faced with peer pressure leading to excessive spending. Once they finish college, some of them are unable to manage their salaries while paying back the loans. There is need for students to manage student loans while they are still in college since that way they can “make hay while the sun shines”.
It will be of benefit for students who join university right after high school to take a finance course. Many of these students normally take loans to pay fees, and cover the costs of their upkeep. According to the recent research, it is estimated that a student graduating from university spends at least $20,000. Much of this amount is normally borrowed from several lenders. The most amazing thing is that, students rarely take note of the amount they have spend in their studies even after graduation. By the time they realize how much they owe, the sum is usually too high due to the huge interests imposed on it. If students could take a financial course during their life in university, it could help them evade some of the spending habits, by effectively setting budgets according to the amount of money they possess.
Taking a financial course will also help students to invest wi...
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