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Ribburta and the Rootintootin' Highfalutin' Ballet Extravaganza (Essay Sample)

Select an article from an online newspaper or magazine of your choosing and identify the intended audience. Explain how you arrived at this conclusion by showing the ways the writer effectively addresses his or her audience. (Steps to Writing Well, p. 23#B) Make sure to include the exact URL of your specific article in your posting by copying and pasting from the address bar where you found the article; for example: http://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2007/09/11/health/11pain.html?_r=1&ref=science&oref=slogin. Provide the thesis statement noted in the article. If the thesis statement isn't implicit, create a thesis statement that fits the article and shows readers where the article will be heading source..

Ribburta and the Rootintootin` Highfalutin` Ballet Extravaganza
Ribburta and the Rootintootin` Highfalutin` Ballet Extravaganza
The article on spider, the magazine for children, targets young children. It is a story about Ribburta the frog. Ribburta had a big family, something he liked very much. Ribburta however hated one thing about herself. She was the only one with little legs. Her little legs made it not possible for her to learn how to dance even though she wished knowing how to dance more than anything else. It was also for her little legs that her friend, Jehosaphat, who was the dance master of the leaping school, could not recruit her into him dancing classes.The author shows clearly that the target audience of the article is children. This is brought out clearly by the use of simple language. The author uses simple words that are easy to understand and tries to make it as interesting as possible. There is proper use of clip art. The clip arts are basically used to make the story interesting as well as making it appear more real. Each part of the story is further described by use the clip art. This not only makes it possible for the intended audience to comprehend and relate the story, but also makes it dramatic and memorable. The author is als...
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