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Research essay outline Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


reseach essay outline and reserach essay task


Research Essay Task – 10%

Due week 10 via dropbox

Part one:

Standard to Hold the Argument To

Main support

Minior support (Examples)

E.g.) Evidence

Eg.) Hasty generalizations

E.g.) Bissondath says everyone is racist in paragraph 1- racism is Canadian as Maple Syrup. How is this fact verified? Does not provide statistics and facts.









Documented Research Essay Outline 10%
Title: __The Twitter Trap – Understanding the Negative Effects of Twitter on Individuals
1 Introduction
1 Hook: __As said by Matt Tapscott, the former head of Webspam team in Google, “When you've got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes ”
2 Thesis: __Although Twitter seems to be an avenue of freedom and creativity, this platform could cause more harm than benefits for those who are uninformed.
3 Three points: 1. _Twitter prioritizes “healthy conversation” over veracity of facts_ 2._Twitter could cause us to rely on ready-made digital information rather than engage in “our ability to reflect, our pursuit of meaning, genuine empathy,” 3. _Twitter promotes an atmosphere of distrust at some point.
2 Body of the Essay
4 Key point 1 – topic sentence:_ Twitter prioritizes “healthy conversation” over veracity of facts
1 Evidentiary support: “CEO Jack Dorsey tweet-threading in his defense — the latest tech executive to unleash a torrent of words about healthy conversation and the public sphere which, after reading, you are no more informed than you were before

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