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Readership surrounding Race in King’s Letter Media Essay (Essay Sample)


This essay contains an essay outline and a research essay.
The essay outline was already submitted and I will upload the professor’s feedback.
The essay should be written according to the outline + feedback + other requirements information, which I will upload them all together.


Essay: 35% (8 pages/2,000 words;) Due date: 17 MarchThis is a 200-level course and therefore a key learning goal is to become comfortable writing a research essay. Essay Topic: Exploring a Readership of Your Choice
Choose a readership you are most interested in exploring- maybe it’s readers of Mystery Novels, Graphic Novels, Eighteenth-Century Philosophy, Toronto Newspapers of the 1900’s, Contemporary Indigenous Fiction....any readership that most calls to you and write a 7-8 page research essay that presents cultural implications surrounding this readership. For instance, you might write on how the 18th-century novel constructed notions of what it means to be female or how graphic novels subvert traditional narratives of race.... For any given readership you should have two or three concrete examples of texts paired with scholarly research on the cultural implications for that ‘readership.’ Your task is to come up with a thesis and conduct a research study that discusses the readership you’ve chosen in terms of some facet of society- political, technological, religious, etc. (Remember this is a Media Studies course and not an English Studies course so you are making connections between the readership and society rather than presenting a close study of one text!)
Essay must follow APA and include 6 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed articles and book-length studies) other than sources included on class syllabus. Course texts can certainly be used as sources, but they do not count toward the required 6. You may use non-scholarly sources in addition to your required 6.
A note on citing class lectures:
When discussing a complex topic we have touched upon in class and you want to use in your paper, citing lecture is not enough. You need to do research with another source to find proper citations and support for your argument If you cannot trace the topic to a source then cite lecture as your last option.


Hello Everyone,There seems to be some confusion. The Essay Topic is described on the syllabus. I am posting that description below this message. You are choosing a readership of your choice from the historical time period of your choice (yes, it can be a contemporary 'readership') and you are exploring a cultural implication of this readership. For instance, to carry forward the example from today's class, one could write on Harry Potter and Race- being specific about how there is a 'readership' or 'textual community' around Harry Potter that involves racial identity through the interaction with the text. Now, especially if working with contemporary culture, you need to be specific about defining the parameters of your 'text'- are you discussing the written book, the film, the fan fiction? I suggest you choose one medium through which to explore your readership, otherwise you will want to write more than you can write in a 7-8 page essay. You can as creative with your 'readership' as you want, just be clear about defining how it is a readership and what cultural lens you want to use to examine that readership.
The topic is intentionally broad so that you choose a topic you are interested in and you do the work to narrow down that topic into a focus you can work with in 7-8 pages. Choosing and narrowing your topic is an essential part of learning to write an academic essay.
The outline, for which there is a very clear template for in the Modules section, is due on February 11th. Please bring questions to next week's class if you have them.
• Essay: 35% (8 pages/2,000 words;) Due date: 17 March
This is a 200-level course and therefore a key learning goal is to become comfortable writing a research essay. Essay Topic: Exploring a Readership of Your Choice
Choose a readership you are most interested in exploring- maybe it’s readers of Mystery Novels, Graphic Novels, Eighteenth-Century Philosophy, Toronto Newspapers of the 1900’s, Contemporary Indigenous Fiction....anv readershin that most rails to vou and write a 7-8 nage research essav that nresents cultural


Readership Surrounding Race in King's Letter
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In every age, authors that mastered the skills of communication have, in one or more ways, used their art as a tool to advance the idea or notions to which they subscribe. They have played a vital role in forming an opinion (King Jr, 2012). In polarized societies, every popular author has its readership that affiliates to them for being their representatives. The readership of a certain genre or piece of work can be recognized by its shared characteristics that are specific to it due to its affiliation to a certain set of beliefs or notions. The readership of a work may be identified while seen through a cultural, religious, or any other identical lens (King Jr, 2012). The concept of leadership is closely linked to how a particular audience perceives work and connects to the ideas being imparted. The purpose of this essay is to investigate into the characteristics of the leadership of Martin Luther King's Letter titled as "Letter from Birmingham Jail" written in 1963 by Luther to express his views about the need for a nonviolent action aimed at the enforcement of desegregation. The King strongly condemns segregation being practiced in the name of race and wants his readers to understand the need for a strong protest (King Jr, 2012). The way he justifies and expects his words to be perceived as gives a glimpse into the objective behavior of his target audience. It is clear that his readership holds strong hatred against racial discrimination and finds itself on a point in its struggle for equality where any extreme action is justifiable. However, it requires an understanding of the historical perspective and cultural themes specific to that perspective to grasp the characteristics of that readership.

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