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Presidential campaign advertising analysis (Essay Sample)

Written 2 Assignment Guidelines Critical Analysis Is Not Simply Reporting … After reading the chapter and any supplemental assigned reading a written exercise allows you the opportunity to write an analysis of the content area. These written assignments require that you go beyond just reporting on what the reading say, to a critical analysis of the topic discussing the topic from the multiple aspects listed in the description of the topic. Written analysis will be graded on the following: 1. Analysis of the issues 2. Understanding of the complexity of the issue 3. Integration of exercise information 4. Clarity of thought and flow of ideas 5. Quality of writing in terms of word choice, composition 6. Mechanics (punctuation, spelling, grammar) 7. Completeness of assignment Framework from Readings Your readings are to inform and provide a framework for your written analysis; therefore, you must refer to the readings in your papers using complete citations. Paper Format You must submit your papers with acceptable format; choose the format [APA] and use it consistently. Note that grades will be lowered for mechanical errors. Paper 2 Assignment 1. Select five political ads at the following site: Cite all the ads Livingroom Candidate 2. Write a 500-word analysis of five ads--assessing each ad's position, level of information provided, type of ad, intended audience; you must go beyond just describing the ads and analysis their message in relation to the components listed in “Dissecting Political Ads” http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/pov/takingonthekennedys/taking_on_the_kennedys_dissect.php. - Who is the target audience? - What is the political ad trying to “sell”? How does the political ad sell the message? 3. Be sure to identify each ad that you analyze with proper citation. 4. Refer to readings as they are to inform your analysis of the ads and help provide a framework for your analysis. Below are 3 readings for number 4 that you need to read and cited in each of the five ads as well as a framework for your analysis of each. Make sure you are analyzing and not telling: http://billmoyers(dot)com/2012/05/11/a-history-of-campaign-advertising/ “The Impact of Political Advertising on Knowledge, Internet Information Seeking, and Candidate Preference by Valentino, Hutchings, and Williams” “The Influence of Television and Radio Advertising on Candidate Evaluation: Results from Large Scale Randomized Experiment by Gerber, Gimpel, Green, and Shaw source..
Presidential campaign advertising analysis Name: Institution: Date: Featured ad: Firms (2012) The issue of the economy was top of the agenda in 2012 after the 2008 financial crisis. In this ad, President Barack Obama campaign ad states that Mitt Romney would worsen the economy owing to his past business record (Living room candidate, 2012a). The political ad sells the message that Obama cares about the economy, and targets the middle class. Obama’s voice adds a personal touch, and appeals to trust in his ability to improve the economy. The ad is negative and doe not focus on Romney’s business record. Romney’s surge in the polls appeared to have surged following his debate performance and campaign ads, but this was short -lived. According to Gerber et al (2007) the impact of television advertising is strong but lasts for a short time. Political payoffs and middle class layoffs (2012) Mitt Romney ad states that more Americans were unemployed under Barack Obama’s Presidency, because of a struggling economy. The target audiences are middle class Americans and young voters, worried about future economic prospects. The ad sells the message that Obama is out of touch with economic and business matters with his main agenda being rewarding loyalists than improving the economy (Living room candidate, 2012b). Mitt Romney would conduct business in a different way, by appointing competent and proven people who work for the betterment of America. Nonetheless, the ad perpetuates the lie that only lobbyists and political donors of Barack Obama enjoy business deals. In reality all presidential candidates reward their supporters and lobbyists. There is cheering in the background, with fear as an emotional appeal, overall the ad is negative painting Obama as the cause of a woeful economy. George Bush vs. Kerry 2004/ troops In the ad, President George W Bush’s reelection bid, focused on national security. America was still reeling from the after math of 9/ 11 and war in Iraq. The target audience included conservatives, especially male older voters who tend to identify with President Bush’s neo conservative security policies. The ad is effective as the targeted voters came out in numbers (Pbs, 1996) given their preoccupation with war on terror. The ad sells the message that Kerry was weak on defense by disapproving funding of American troops abroad. The ad focuses on Kerry’s assertions that he supported war efforts to combat terrorism, and his shifting message on the war in Iraq through his voting record. The ad appeals to patriotism and loyalty towards America through support of American war efforts. George Bush is a national security Hawk, and the sound effects focus primarily Kerry’s voting record and shows images of troops (Living room candidate, 2004). 1980 Reagan vs. Carter vs....
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