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Parent-Child Interaction - Final Research Paper (Essay Sample)


I uploaded a document, please write the essay based on that.
Final Research Paper Guidelines
5-6 pages in length (double-spaced)
200 points possible
The research paper assignment is designed to give students a view in to the scholarly research conducted in the discipline of Speech Communication. Students will write a review of the literature on a topic of their choice, generate a hypothesis for future study, and suggest a method of inquiry appropriate for testing the hypothesis. Students will independently write their papers.
Possible Topic Areas--( your actual paper topics will be more specific)
Relational Aggression Teacher/Student interaction
Reality TV Cultural Differences
Gender Differences Organizational Grapevines
TV Content Campaign messages
Management Communication Dating rituals
Marital Communication Parent-child interaction
Mission statements Flirting
Doctor-Patient interaction Effectiveness of Communication Training
Don't see anything that sounds interesting? You can generate your own topic. E-mail me to discuss your ideas.
Each Paper must include the following elements, each clearly labeled:
1. A brief introduction (1 paragraph) to set up the focus of your topic.
2. A brief review (3 pages) of the literature-- this is a summary of the research done on this topic with at least 3 sources. Papers should cite sources using the APA (American Psychological Association) format. Consult the BC library website for helpful information on this style of documentation and other research paper assistance (https://www(dot)bellevuecollege(dot)edu/lmc/research-guides/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).
3. A (1 sentence) hypothesis for study. A hypothesis must be written so that it can be proven or not supported on the basis of your study. For example "which type of relational aggression (rumor- spreading, silent treatment, etc) causes the most pain?" is not an acceptable hypothesis. "Rumor spreading is the most frequently used tool of relational aggression in girls" would be acceptable.
4. A detailed description of research methods (1-2 paragraph discussion) which explains the process you could realistically use to test your hypothesis. For example, in this section you could say that "two researchers will conduct a survey of 300 middle and high school girls at 6 different schools in the Seattle Metropolitan area." You may choose any one of the research methods discussed in the text in Chapter 13 (except rhetorical criticism). For example, you could create a lab experiment and bring in subjects, conduct a survey, engage in a structured observation of subjects, or do an ethnographic study of conversation of a particular group of people.
If you suggest a survey, please include the survey questions in Appendix A (following the reference page). If you suggest an observation or a content analysis, please include the criteria you will use in Appendix A (following the reference page). If you suggest another research method (such as a lab experiment or ethnography), please contact me about how to present the details in Appendix A.
5. A reference section including all sources cited in the review of the literature.
I already chose a topic and hypothesis, please write the essay based on that.


Parent-Child Interaction
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Parent-Child Interaction
Learning is a widely accepted process since it helps in shaping an individual’s knowledge and personality. A majority of people agree to the fact that education is more essential for well-rounded development, rather than just a means of acquiring certificates and monetary success. As a result, education should focus on developing the minds of young individuals, and this should be so, regardless of the setting. Homeschooling is increasingly becoming an acceptable system of education internationally. The system acts as an alternative to mainstream education and is parent led. However, homeschooling is not a replication of the institutional form of schooling, but rather a setting that eliminates the trappings of mainstream education and focuses on the fundamental aspects. Although the importance of school learning is widely recognizable, homeschooling also presents several benefits, among them, being the ability to improve a child’s communication and socialization skills. By analyzing several articles on the benefits of homeschooling, this essay seeks to add on to the body of knowledge that concerns the importance of parent-led home education on building parent-child relationships.
The popularity of Parent-led homeschooling has increased since the 1970s, parallel to the increase in population. As more children are engaged in mainstream educations, other parents recognize the importance of home-based education. By 2012, the number of children engaged in parent-based education was higher than that of students enrolled in Roman Catholic Schools. Undoubtedly, homeschooling has gained notable popularity among various families, even in diverse nations like Canada, Russia, Japan, England, and Brazil. The importance of home-based education is a significant factor that encourages many parents to adopt homeschooling. Most notably, homeschooling has grown in popularity since it allows parents to instill in their children the values that they believe are necessary but are overlooked by mainstream education. By instilling such values, parents can develop like-minded children, which makes it easier for them to build on their relationships (Ray, 2013). The effectiveness of a learning system is mainly determined by the student’s academic success. Ray (2013) studied the importance of homeschooling in achieving academic success. The researcher conducted a multiyear study in the state of Washington and across the U.S and Canada. Results from the study indicate that on average, homeschooled children scored between the 65th and 80th percentile on standardized academic achievement tests across Canada and the U.S. This average was higher than that recorded in public schools which was at the 50th percentile.
Notably, there are various factors that can affect the success of parent-led homeschooling; these factors include; gender, income levels, and the amount of money spent on educating the child. Nonetheless, Ray (2013) argues that the parent’s level of education is the most significant variable that can highly affect the child’s performance. Since the parent occupies the role of the teacher, the ability of the child to grasp concepts and skills will be fully influenced by the interactions between the parent and the child.
With regards to socialization and communication, various concerns have been raised over the issue of homeschooling, preventing a child’s emotional, psychological, and emotional development. According to McGlaughlin (2018), children who are educated at home do not lack social skills; instead, they are equally socialized as the students who attend learning institutions. Through homeschool...

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