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Media Effect Journal Communications Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Citation guidance: we use APA style in this class when you cite from resources other than your own in any graded writing assignment. Please make sure that you know how to make in-text citation and bibliography following APA style. See me if you need additional information.
Please know that citation from websites based on user-generated content, such as,,,, will result in deduction of points.
Response Journal: media effect
To be successful writing up the media effects response journal, you need to participate regularly to class discussions and stay current with reading schedule. You also need to find ONE current computer game or children’s media program distributed with reputable media outlets as material of your critical analysis.
We define a “current” program as a program commercially released no earlier than Jan 1st, 2013. If you wish to discuss a program released earlier than that, your journal must explain something “new” about this program, such as a newly published analysis, news report, etc that is related to this old program.
We define “reputable media outlets” as media outlets or computer game designers usually with national circulation or influence. PBS Kids, Disney Channel and Pixel Movies can be good examples.
Specifically, you are expected to discuss in your response paper the following:
1)      What are the four levels of effects media content can have on the general public? Please use one or two sentences to briefly explain each of them.
2)      Summary of the program/computer game
-describe the general story line, major characters, etc;
-describe the owner of the program and its commercial impact;
-describe any comments, criticisms or concerns published to date relating to this program/game.
3)      Identify possible positive/negative effects from your own perspective on at least TWO levels with the media effect frame;
-on each of your chosen level, explain how the game/program could have been redesigned to respond to the identified effects;
4)      In view of the before mentioned effect, articulate one or two considerations a responsible individual should bear in mind as a media consumer.
Journal needs to be 900-1,200 words, typed, with one-inch margin, Time New Roman font 12. Journal will be collected on-line through CANVAS assignment link.


Media Effect
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Media Effect Journal
The changes brought along by media can transpire on several dimensions. The effects can be unintended or intended by the message source. The outcomes can include changes, and also the conservation of the current situation. If a specific social condition extends because of media, this is also considered a media effect. There are different levels of media effects and each is relevant in how it impacts perception and this article seeks to elucidate further.
There are four levels of effects brought by media content on the common public. First is Medium Effects. Medium Effects is the method of message transmission which utilizes both visual (luxury interiors, explosions) and audio (eerie music, outbursts of laughter) cues and also words. Secondly, we have Message Effects. Message Effects in media is how messages can affect people's beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Third, we have Ownership Effects whereby, instead of looking at media and its messages, the influence of those who own and control the media is examined. Fourth we have Active Audience Effects. Active audience effects argue that audiences do not obtain information passively, but are actively involved, often unconsciously in deriving meaning from messages within their social and personal contexts.
One current computer game commercially released on October 12th, 2013 is the ‘Medal of Honor.' This is a series of first-person shooter computer/video games. It was developed by DreamWorks and published by Electronic Arts and its affiliates/subsets. Since its October 2013 release, the game has advanced and is adapted to Windows PCs, Xbox 360, and PlayStations.
At the game's start, the player immediately steps into Boyd Travers' war boots, Private First Class of the “All American” eighty-second Airborne Division. The player primarily controls a squad titled ‘Neptune squad' alongside teammate Voodoo, gunning down enemies via their iron sight. Enemies appear from everywhere including roofs and balconies above and must be cleared to unlock next levels. Upon clearing enemies, Voodoo guides the player to the subsequent level and offers a break down to the next area's entrance. The subsequent missions are well designed. You jump off an airplane and fight your way through countries. Additionally, maps are provided which are convincingly and realistically designed. I noticed one could gradually improve using weapons. For illustration, one can upgrade magazines or acquire a visor of the firearm.
The player advances upon the completion of each level. On the ground, the player tackles objectives across a free roaming, expansive environment using a wide variety of upgradable weapons to his/her strategi

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