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Managing Speech Anxiety (Essay Sample)

I need a paper written on: As you learn to give speeches, what do you imagine will be your greatest challenge? How might you begin to grapple with it? What does communication apprehension mean to you? Our text lists several factors that may contribute to a speaker's communication apprehension. Which of these have you experienced? Elaborate. What strategies will you use for managing communication apprehension? How have they worked for you in the past? I am an extremely shy person, and have severe anxiety and very poor social skills, so use those when writing. source..

Managing Speech Anxiety


Managing Speech Anxiety

Speeches are very common means of communicating. Giving a speech, however, can be a very tricky thing which, however, can be learnt and perfected. The best speakers will always deliver their message in a clear and specific manner, including use of relevant stories to make illustrations. It is always good to focus on one theme and keep a speech as simple as possible. Giving a speech comes with challenges. First, there is the fear of public speaking itself. Almost everyone will get nervous when put on the spot. When giving a speech, it means all the attention is drawn towards the speaker which most likely causes anxiety. The second great fear is elocution. This is in reference to the manner in which words are pronounced and presented. Shy people are always affected by these two problems. Being shy makes it hard to make presentation and further affects your elocution. To overcome the above problems, always take time to master the content of your speech and the intended message. Mastering the actual words to use always brings confusion. Understanding the message clearly allows you to have a flow of words, deliver the speech in a simple, clear language, and most importantly enables you to overcome the fear of public speaking by giving you confidence. Communication apprehension, to me, means anxiety or fear of either anticipated or real communication with another person or a group of persons. There are several factors influe...
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