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Internet Privacy (Essay Sample)

The changing demographic profile of the Canadian population has an effect on educational facilities, pensions, employment opportunities and the healthcare system. Research one of the above, and use your research to write a fictional dialogue between a sterotypical baby boomer and a stereotypical member of generation X or the millenial generation. Through your dialogue, be sure to demonstrate that you have considered the psychological, cultural and sociological factors that would shape the understanding and framing of the issue from different viewpoints. Also be sure to demonstrate that you understand the issue you chose, and how the changes affect each generation. Reflection: Along with your dialogue, include a short written reflection about what interested or surprised you about studying demographics. source..
Internet Privacy Name: Professor: Course Name: Date Due: Internet Security vs. Piracy Am certain that the government plays a little role in our lives. While some believe that all the government programs have the beginning, the middle and the end (Goldsmith, 2006). Despite government regulation, people often do against what the government wants them to do. For example, the limited government intervention allows the Americans to make their own decisions and this has made the people to have some ethics in their behavior. This explains to us about the issues that internet has brought in relation to privacy an security. The internet has continued to be a place where anything is done, where people without any kind of fear of punishment, steal books, music, movies, software, send viruses, steal others identities and harass other innocent people (Solove 2007). Despite the internet access being a human right due to the freedom of speech and expression that human enjoy, it is important to know that the internet must be free but then cannot be a place where anything goes without question. The freedom of speech, expression, freedom of the press and that of the assembly should be accompanied by responsibility. No one has the freedom to abuse others online,or to make threats to others over the internet nor do one have the freedom on online piracing. Social change as affected the internet in a bad way because the moral values that humans used to enjoy are no longer available due to interactions and thus the cultural values in society do not hold. A little form of government intervention would be important to address this issue. Certain circumstances need government intervention. Given the lack of security and concern over privacy in the online activities, government intervention to come up regulations on the use of the internet would be important and this is likely to have an effect on the way in which we interact on the internet or conduct ourselves. ...
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