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Professional Speaker Critique (Essay Sample)

PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER CRITIQUE Purpose: Since you are becoming an Advanced Public Speaker, this assignment will assess your ability to critique professional speeches in terms of delivery skills, structure, and content using class terminology. Directions: Complete a 3 page, double-spaced, typed critique of the following speech: http://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/megan_kamerick_women_should_represent_women_in_media.html Questions you might consider as you listen: 1.What were the speaker's credentials to speak on the topic? 2.Did the speaker use notes? Was the use of notes distracting? 3.Was appropriate eye contact given? How did that affect the level of engagement you had in the speech? 4.Was the delivery engaging in other ways? Vocal variety? Body Movement? Appearance? Use of pauses, absence of vocal fillers? Why or why not? 5.In terms of structure/organization, what did the speaker do well? What could he/she have done better? Why? 6.Did the speaker have credible, well thought out content? Why/Why not? 7.Did the speaker's arguments/data/evidence/reasoning make sense? Were they persuasive? Why? (write this assignment in your own words) source..
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Professional Speaker Critique
Megan Kamerick was an experienced women journalist with some vast knowledge on how to effectively capture the attention of her audience through her speech. Listening and observing Megan speaks on the topic, "Women should represent women in media;, not only shows her ability to present her issues and her skills to effectively utilize speaker notes in a speech. As an advanced public speaker, Megan was not only able to attract the attention of her audience, but she was also able to use some descriptive photos to emphasize on her topic.
Ideally, it is important to note that Megan effectively utilized speaker notes throughout her speech, without having some distracted talk. Her smooth and fluent speech effectively and efficiently blended well with the speaker notes she provided to her audience. However, this tells us that in order to have an undistracted speech, we must have a thorough knowledge and what is entailed in the speaker notes we presents to our audience. However, we should understand that failure to this; we will have our speech distracted repeatedly as we try to integrate our speaker notes and speech.
On the issue of appropriate eye contact, I would range Megan as an excellent speaker. She was able to utilize her body movements, gestures and eye contact well to her audience. And because of this, Megan was able to fully capture and engage her audience throughout her speech. In addition the audience was able to read her facial expressions and synchronize the same with the ideas she was putting across. She was able to join her audience in laughter, whenever necessary, and this shows that her speech was internalized well before airing it.
I can comfortably argue that, Megan speech was effectively and efficiently engaging in other ways, since she was able to utilize her vocals well. For instance, Megan was able to show her emotion...
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