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Unit III Reflection Paper Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The employment of different types of power might influence a team member's satisfaction, and thus, his or her motivation to continue. In regards to your current industry and/or the culture of your current organization, write a reflection paper that addresses the following requirements:
Describe which motivational theory, as described in Harell and Daim in the required readings for this unit, would be the most appropriate for your industry/organization. Why?
Describe which of the original power types from the French and Raven power taxonomy, as described by Elias (2008) in this unit's required readings, would fit best with the selected motivational theory.
Your reflection paper should be two to three pages in length. Must be under 20% plagiarized in SafeAssign.
Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:
The response reflects in-depth consideration and personalization of theories, concepts, and/or strategies.
The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors.
The response includes all major components: accurate accounts of the topic area, critical analysis of the topic area, and scholarly or professional application of the topic area.
The response demonstrates synthesis of ideas presented, and the implications of these insights for the learner's future learning are noted.
Listed in the attachments are the two PDF sources that need to be referenced in this paper.


Reflection Paper
Reflection Paper
The happiness of a customer in the service industry, for instance, reflects positively on the business return on revenues or its profitability. The delivery of quality services to consumers is the responsibility of the employees who interact directly with the wide range of clients. The diversity of the clients within the sector pose various challenges to the service providers owing to the equally diverse demands. Such employees require an effective motivational tool to ensure that the business organization within the highly competitive sector retains its share of customers while still expanding its customer base. Maintaining the organization’s market relevance and increasing its profitability is directly correlated to the employees’ rate of job satisfaction. The satisfaction of an employee correlates to increased productivity at work, which reflects through the delivery of quality services to customers in this case as well as the customers’ satisfaction and happiness. A Theory of Human Motivation developed by A. H. Maslow in 1943 would serve as an effective tool for motivating employees in the service industry.

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