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American Red Cross (Essay Sample)

Hello, Please work on sections 45678910 . I have done sections 123 . The original assignmet is : Using all of the assignments and materials you have prepared in the course to this point, prepare and submit a 5,000-word to 7,000-word strategic analysis that details how your organization can achieve a competitive advantage. The document should cover the points in the “Strategic Plan Outline” found on the Suggested Strategic Plan Outline presented in the Course Materials. Your final strategic analysis should thoroughly discuss your strategic decisions while providing rationale and data for those decisions. SEE attachment source..
American Red Cross
Critical or Key Success Factors:
They are the factors that enable the American Red Cross society to be where it is today especially taking into consideration that it is not an income generating organization and it relies almost entirely on donor funds from its well wishers and partners. It does take a lot of discipline and commitment for an organization of such nature to be successful though it should be noted that there is no such success as absolute success when it come to the running such an organization since it also has its bunch of challenges. Some of these characteristics are usually unique to the firm and its circumstances, derived from selecting the most well matched information from the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as discussed above, which the firm must address in order to be successful. The following are examples of the precursors to the long term objectives and will shape the organizations strategic choices:
Internal Resources and Capabilities such as:
Location, Hours open and physical facilities
Special Human Resource Competencies
Inventory levels
Capital Requirements
Technology and Knowledge Requirements
Management skills
Stakeholder Group Considerations
Stakeholder Priorities
Customer Satisfaction Considerations
Consensus Building
Internal Resources and Capabilities:
Location, Hours open and physical facilities
American Red cross society location allover the United States of America has been one of its key to success over many years since it began as an organization based on humanitarian assistance. It is in each an every single state of America hence its presence is felt from the residential level to the town and city level.
According to Dine (2009), it is important to note that the American Red Cross society operates on a twenty four hour bases since one of their mandates is emergency response in their area of operation and since emergencies can happen anytime their twenty four hour operation policy really serves emergencies around the clock. This round the clock working policy has really contributed to success of the American Red Cross since it has created a confidence in people who are aware that there is a non profit making organization that can attend to their emergencies at any time be it day or night.
The physical facilities of the American Red Cross are in a good state to handle majority of its humanitarian facilities though it still remains a challenge that the government levies taxes on some of its prime assets yet it is a non profit making organizations that relies almost entirely on donor funds. Despite such challenges, the society still has well enough physical facilities to handle its rescue missions at normal disaster levels though may sometimes be overwhelmed by high magnitude disasters and has to involve other stake holders. This has really played a big part in th...
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