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Human Resource & Outsourcing (Essay Sample)

2-3 pages, not including cover and reference pages: The company to use is Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Be sure to use subheadings for the following questions What role does / should HR outsourcing play in your organization, and How does / should that relate to strategic HRM? Be sure to draw upon the required readings to support your recommendations. source..
Running Head: Human Resource & Outsourcing
Human Resource & Outsourcing
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Role of HR Outsourcing in Computer Science Corporation
Human Resource Department is among the most important departments of an organization because this is the department from where hiring process starts and employees are recruited into the organization (Becker, 1996, p. 29). This department has the unified agenda of recruiting only those candidates who can totally devote their skills towards the productivity and profitability of the organization. Once the employees are hired, the HR department has to make sure that hired candidates are performing well up to the standard else they are asked to resign (Barocci, 2005, p.21).
Like all other organizations, CSC (Computer Science Corporation) too has an HR Department aiming towards hiring the best candidates for the corporation. Among all other tasks that are carried by the HR Department in CSC, outsourcing is the one which carries significant importance for the department as well as the corporation. CSC is often engaged in carrying out tasks which are unique and innovative hence the candi...
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