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Relationships and Power in Negotiation Marketing (Essay Sample)


Consider a situation where you are negotiating with your boss for a higher salary. Discuss the role of relationship and power in the negotiation process. If your boss has more power in the negotiation process for a higher salary, how would you counterbalance him or her? Do you think reputation, trust, or justice will play a role in the negotiation process with your boss? Why or why not?


Relationship and Power in Negotiation
Relationship and Power in Negotiation
Negotiating for salary increment with the employer can a difficult undertaking if one is not equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their chances of leaving the negotiation table with a smile. The relationship and power in such situations work to the advantage of the employer as they hold an influential position over the employee. Nevertheless, one should not hesitate to ask for a pay rise if they know the value of their input in achieving the organization’s set objectives or goals. It is, therefore, important to have a comprehensive understanding of the role of the relationship and power existing between individuals and their employers upon which one develops an effective negotiation process with their boss.
The kind of relationship and power dynamics existing between the employee and the employer within an organization plays a significant role in determining the outcome of the salary increment negotiation. The employer often enjoys the advantage of bringing the employee’s job security at the table and thus exerting the powers of reward on the employee. In such situations, it is advisable to make oneself indispensable to the organization through enhancing individual skills that are unique and effective in delivering the employer’s desired outcomes CITATION Sta18 \l 1033 (Staff, 2018). In a working relationship between the employer and an employee where the latter has no unique value or input to the organization the balance of power shifts to the boss CITATION Sal18 \l 1033 (Salacuse, 2018). Consequently, the employee’s bargaining power at the negotiation significantly reduce. An employee’s added value or uniqueness in the delivery of the desired outcomes within an organization gives them a bargaining power, which balances the influential power f

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