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Poor Communication in Relationships Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Poor Communication in Relationships Research Assignment


Poor Communication in Relationships
Relationships tend to experience diverse situations where the differences between the two personalities come to life. This is not to mean that the partners are in an unhealthy relationship. In fact, a relationship that does not experience such differences is considered forced in the sense that, there might be a partner who is pretending or both of them. It is the ability to resolve issues as they arise that sets the standards for a healthy relationship. It is for this reason that relationships are affected by the quality of the communication partners practice (Miller, 2014). According to Ifeagwazi, communication is a determining factor when it comes to the psychological health of a family (Ifeagwazi, 2017). He insists, however, that this refers to clear and direct communications. He is also keen to point out that dysfunctional family communication patterns contribute to the development of psychopathology. In any couple that is unhappy in their relationship, there is always the element of poor communication skills (Madahi, Samadzadeh & Javidi, 2013). This is a common element when it comes to the couples who seek counseling. There is always an element of poor communication that has degraded their union. For healthy communication, partners need to be active listeners and accord one another the right levels of respect they deserve, while taking on a mature approach that is cool and collected.
Poor Communication in Relationships
More often than not, partners will have differences as this is part of the manifestation of the different personalities. This is a normal element and one that should not be a cause for alarm. However, where the partners have not mastered the art and science of communication, they are bound to experience some tough time together. What is interesting is that some of these elements of poor communication are evident in the first stages of marriage or generally a relationship. However, due to the urge by the partners to push their relationship to the next level and hormonal elements involved with the liking for one another, they are ready to overlook anything and make it work (Miller, 2014). By the time they seek professional help, it is too late, and the problems with poor communication have escalated.
Where partners have developed their communication, skills in a manner that allows them to self-disclose, they can speak out on their challenges and more importantly express their feelings. This is a key element where one can speak to their partner and express their feelings in a manner that is mature and open. However, there is a catch; the partner has to have the skills to be a good listener and not misread the complaint. In the cases where a partner that is complaining is attacked with ridicule or their concerns are simply disregarded, this brings up an element of miscommunication (Miller, 2014). It is an approach that is likely to build tension in the relationship and in the end complications that they may never be in a position to resolve even with professional help. This is the case, especially where the partners are not skilled enough to understand that such incidences where partners feel disregarded, they tend to break down the trust and cohesion, one that existed when they first met. As such, there is a need for any relationship to have that element of self-disclosure, re, where each of the partners has the freedom to speak their mind respectfully and air their concerns or observations without the other looking at it as an attack.
Negative Approaches
There are several elements of miscommunication that most of the couples that are not happy in their relationships take part in. The first on...

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