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Globalization. How does Jennifer Graham define globalization? (Essay Sample)


Read this article and answer the questions (in the bullet points) in an essay format
Counterpoint: Globalization Benefits Powerful Business at the Expense of Poor Nations by Melanie Lambrick
From Canadians Points of View
Lambrick, M. (2014). Counterpoint: Globalization benefits powerful businesses at the expense of
poor nations. Canadian Points of View: Globalization, 3
• Does Melanie Lambrick consider globalization to be an inevitable and natural historical development?
• Does globalization affect everyone in a similar manner?
• What is the income gap, and what is causing it?
• How has globalization changed the domestic labour market in Canada?
• Is there an environmental aspect to globalization? If so, it is a helpful or harmful one?
Point: “Glabalization Provides a Better Life for All”
By Jennifer Graham
From Canadians Points of View
Graham, J. (2014). Point: Globalization provides a better life for all. Canadian Points of View:
Globalization, 2
• How does Jennifer Graham define globalization?
• What is the relationship between open economies and standard of living?
• According to American presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, what is the
• relationship between globalization and democracy?
• What is the relationship between democracy and human rights?
• Who are some of the groups who benefit from a globalized economy?
• How has communication changed in the last 100 years, and how has this impacted
• discriminatory practices such as racism?


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How does Jennifer Graham define globalization?
Jennifer Graham defines globalization as a process in which people are allowed to move to other states for personal or professional purposes, without any hesitation or restriction. She believes that whether they live in the United States or Canada, human beings have the same hearts and are emotionally attached to one another (Graham).
What is the relationship between open economies and standard of living?

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