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quality assurance (Essay Sample)

Write a 3 pg paper in which you:Review section 46.703 of the FAR & determine the criteria for invoking use of the \\\"Warranty\\\" provision if there is a defect,fraud or gross mistakes in the goods or services provided. Review chapter 18 of the Government Contract Guidebook and determine whether \\\"express warranty\\\" or \\\"implied warranty\\\" offers the government better protection against defective services. Identify and apply the appropriate Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)clauses to meet compliance n contracting actions & dispute resolution requirements. source..
Quality Assurance Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Quality Assurance Criteria for invoking the use of the “Warranty” as established by section 46.703 of the (Federal Acquisition Regulation) FAR According to the Government Printing Office (GPO), section 46.703 of FAR points out the criteria to be considered for the use of warranties. The criteria involve five factors that the contracting officer has to consider when he or she wants to determine if a warranty is necessary for a certain acquisition (2001). The factors are: The nature and use of the goods or services: Regarding the goods or services, the contracting officer has to consider the extent of development, state of the art, end use, the harm it poses to the government if the item has defects and the difficulty in fault detection prior to acceptance. Warranty costs: These costs will come from the charge of the contractor when he or she accepts the deferred liability that the warranty has brought. Moreover, the costs will also arise as a result of administration and enforcement of the warranty by the government. Administration and enforcement: For any warranty to be successful, it is important for the government to ensure that it is enforced. The government has to ensure there is a proper administrative system where people can report defects. Trade and Practice: Items are mostly warranted and costs to the government are the same whether a warranty is included or not. The government should include such a warranty. Reduced requirements: The charge of the contractor for assumption of more liability might be offset fully or in part by reducing the contract quality assurance requirement of the government where the warranty extends assurance of a good and reliable product. Express and Implied warranties – Whether they offer the Government better protection against defective se...
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