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L&R ( Labor Relations) (Essay Sample)

This assignment has 2 parts 4A and 4B. 4B is a continuation from 3B. Order 00011155. source..


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(16, October, 2010)
Labor Relations
Part 4A: decision of case 4 and case 11 with a detailed rationale.
In case 4 Miss Louise Drooker who was the first assistant operator of Mr. Joe Basset, filled a complaint that she was called to come and work in Mr. Basset’s position who was absent from work on that day. An action that resulted to the working times to be extended by eight hours. In her working days, she was advocating for the extra time payments. She was bitter as to why she wasn’t called to work in the position of Mr. Basset and reduce the possibility of the other workers working overtime.
In this case Miss Drooker should be paid for the extra time she had worked and the company should also apologize for it increasing working time by eight hours in order for the workers like Miss Drooker to work without getting a pay for there services (Sloane & Witney, 2009). The company should be in a position to inform there employees on the terms and conditions of working at extra time. This will reduce conflicts in the workplace.
In case 11 the company had laid off Mr. Robert Petrie even without informing him that he will be laid off. Later the company decided to give four of there employees overtimes and temporary transfers in attempts aimed at showing the workers that the company isn’t in need of there services that much and this eventually resulted to the laying off of Mr. Petrie and his colleagues.
The decision I would offer in this case would be to reinstate Mr...
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