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Decision Making Process for Ford Pinto Case (Essay Sample)

please find the attachment contain: 1- word file has the Question +the Case + the required reading. 2- pdf contain lecture slides please make sure there NO More than 200 words.and please stick on to the two required readings source..
Subject: Business and Marketing
Decision Making Process for Ford Pinto Case
According to the deontology, one always has to do the right thing, the ethical action whatever the consequences is the action(Waller, 2005). In the case of Ford Pinto of utmost importance are the primary factors involved in quantifying the cost-benefit analysis. The ‘benefits’ do not account for litigation expenses, and loss of goodwill. Provisions for any harm caused to the sale of Ford’s other products (SUV’s , sedans), due to the faulty tank in the Pinto are not accounted for either (Browne et al, 2004). Instead of just considering profit maximization as that is the primary objective, it is imp...
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