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Learning Theory (Essay Sample)

In a 2 page paper (not including title and reference pages), examine a specific learning theory and relate it to your current or most recent employer. Discuss whether or not the use of this theory would generate the same results in any other organization. Pick one Learning Theory: 1. Reinforcement Theory 2. Social Learning Theory 3. Goal Setting Theory 4. Expectancy Theory 5. Adult Learning Theory 6. Information Processing Theory source..
Reinforcement Theory Name Course Tutor Date Reinforcement theory is the act of shaping the behavior of individuals in an organization which has a combination of reward and punishment (Booth 1996). Reward and punishment are always used to reinforce desired behavior as well as to eliminate the unwanted behavior. Rewarded behavior will be repeated and strengthen the performance of an organization because reinforcement theory works on observable behavior. Positive and negative reinforcement is practiced in our organization so as to increase desirable behaviors of the staffs. Some of the positive reinforcements in our organization include; paid holiday leave, some monetary bonuses of employees who work more extra, payment or extra working hours or promotion and attention. This motivates the employees to work extra hard in order to continue enjoying the positive reinforcement in future. On the other side, negative reinforcement is done by removing the undesirable consequence from the staffs. In case a member of our staff does undesirable behavior, like coming to job late or even being absent without permission they are punished. The punishment is done by re...
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