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public administration: public administration concepts and cases (Essay Sample)

please answer the attached question , The sorce you can use is : public administration concepts and cases – ninth edition by Richard J. Stillman source..

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(February 10, 2012)
Public Administration
The society is always dynamic and especially in politics every simple decision can change the standings. This calls for effective and efficient administrative structures in the modern society. There are definitely structured bureaucratic rigidities and different organizational routines; however, there is need to ensure any discussion of the stability of the administration in a given time (Stillman, 2010). This is driven by the change and growth of the structures over time where agencies are added, merged or transferred to suit different responsibilities. These aspects bring into focus the tides of reform as they must suit and fit the administration reorganization systems especially the education system that determines the future of the city.
The changes in the administration may be brought about by law, executive decisions, legal committees or internal changes. However the changes are precipitated by the need to periodically, functionally and systematically review, restructure and reorganize the government administration. The reorganization of the apparatus must be focused on better control, competence, creativity, and collaboration. The appointment of Bennet to public office was a major setback to the reorganization of the Manual High School; it did not incorporate the ideas that would help the children improve. It seemed to be a political favor that jeopardized the children in the education set up. It should also focus more on achieving the mission and vision of the government and being result oriented. In every case there must be the objective of the reorganization this is to ensure that it does not end up redundant or change the initial focus of administration.
This is effective in maintaining public trust and collectivity, security, autonomy, legitimacy and personal utility. Bennet’s move to introduce numerous changes into the education system was disastrous especially since he was not experienced in the system. The case study “Expectations” by Katherine Boo does not illustrate a type of what Light calls a particular “tide” of reform. It does not have a basis on the philosophies developed or reform strategies such as scientific management, watchful eye, war on waste, and liberat...
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