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Principles of Finance II: Innovative Capital Sourcing - The Tale of ICOs (Essay Sample)


Technology has advanced how organizations raise money or seek debt to finance their operations. Today, social media and the Internet have influenced these processes. For this discussion, provide an example of a venture capital strategy that you would use to start your own business. Discuss how this strategy is different than traditional debt structures.


Innovative Capital Sourcing: The Tale of ICOs
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September 7, 2017
One of the most noticeable changes within this decade has been the ever-increasing number of startup companies hoping to be the “next-big thing”. Perhaps, some of the biggest reasons for this increase is the quick advancement of technology and sources of possible capital, as compared to previous generations when finding the right venture capitalist could be daunting due to the immense amount of paperwork and limited opportunities. Today, companies like Indiegogo and GoFundMe provides the opportunity for groups and individuals to achieve their dreams of creat

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