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Organizational Diagnosis (Essay Sample)

SCENARIO CONTINUATION: SLP2 – It's New Year's day, 2010. You just had a great New Year's Eve celebration. You have finished analyzing the performance of Handheld in a great report that you turned in a few days early to Sally Smothers. Now you are ready to charge ahead into the future. As you turn on the TV and try to open your eyes, you notice something strange. The TV commentator is saying something about New Year's Day, 2006. You are now wide awake and listen more carefully. Yes, she said 2006. But that can't be. You look around and everything looks different. Yes, it's true, it's New Year's day, 2006. Time has rewound – a Time Warp, like the guy in the movie “It's Groundhog Day.” You realize that you get to make the decisions for Handheld starting with 2006. Perhaps you can do better than Joe Schmoe. You decide to determine the prices and R&D allocations and whether to discontinue any products over the next four years: 2006 – 2009. At the beginning of each year, you will determine your pricing, your R&D allocations, and if you want to discontinue any products. You make your decisions and time advances to the end of that year. You look at the results and see what happened. You keep track of your decisions and make notes about your reasoning and analysis of the data. You collect and keep the data for later analysis. You run the Marketing of Handheld through the end of 2009. It is now 12/31/2009, New Year's Eve. What is your total Score? Did you do better than Joe Schmoe? You decide to organize your notes about your decisions, your analysis, and your reasoning into a report, which you think will help you move ahead into 2010 (finally!!, you get to move ahead into 2010 – weren't you at this point in time once before??) SLP2 ASSIGNMENT: Run the PDA simulation with your strategy, making decisions year by year for prices and R&D allocations. Write a report that shows your decisions and the results. Discuss why you did better or worse than Joe Schmoe. SLP 2 Expectations: As you run the simulation keep track of your decisions and keep track of the results - both financial and marketing. You can copy and paste the results into Excel or into a Word document. You can also record the information that you get from the Advisor who discusses the market and compares Handheld products to the competition. Make note of the Final Total Score. The report should be thorough and complete. You should include your Final Total Score, some tables and/or graphs showing some of the results. Be sure to explain the differences clearly and using good logic. Remember that the key here is ANALYSIS. Include a page of references if you use any. The paper should be four to six pages. Time Line Summary: * SLP1 2009: 12/15 hired. 12/30 turned in first report to Sally a few days early. 12/31 – celebrated SLP2 * Time Warp begins: 1/1/2010 WARPS INTO 1/1/2006 * You freak out, then realize you have to make decisions for 2006 – 2009. * 1/2/2006 input decisions for 2006 * 1/2/2007 input decisions for 2007 * 1/2/2008 input decisions for 2008 * 1/2/2009 input decisions for 2009 * 12/31/2009 – you have gone through all four years, and you write your report to summarize how you did. You are hoping that you will wake up tomorrow and it will be 2010. source..
Running Head: Organizational Diagnosis
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Financial report for Handheld Company for the year ended 2009
Handheld financial performance over the last decade has been tremendous. This has been facilitated by the advanced technology impacted to the current economy. The revolution in the technological industry has seen entrepreneurs enjoy a new platform in their undertakings. The main intent of the Company over its entire period is the capitalization of each opportunity availed in the economy related to the global e-publishing. This is deemed to be instigated by the proliferation of the handheld devices which has enabled the clients to read the electronic media.
The Company`s business model navigates around the publishing interactive and also the media rich substance which is distributed through electronic platforms and as such includes Apple`s and Amazon`s Kindle eBooks. The business activities are well catered for by the involvement in the e-business transactions where supplies of such products are done to various Companies available in the Geographical region.
The compilation of the 2009 Company`s report was based on the Handheld core objective which is striving to be the leading Company in the electronic publishing of the media rich content, and also the interactive content which is distributed through the handheld platforms available. The accomplishment of its objectives has been manifested by the establishment of handpicked team embodied with know-how and with proven record in their key areas of specialization. The team provides the Company with their skills in order to endeavor for the general Company`s goal.
The financial report for the period ended December 2009 is analyzed as follows;

$ million 2009

$ million 2008




Operating expenses



Cash and cash equivalents



Common stock



The company experienced an increase in its Net Revenue compared to the previous period. Moreover, due to the Company`s well endowed resources and the technical staff it possess, the company registered a minimal loss net loss of$700,000 compared to the previous years` of $1.5 million. This was an equivalent of $0.12 per share floated in the market.
The decrease in operating expense in the financial year 2010 was facilitated by the minimal costs incurred in Research and Development and as such most of these expenses were incurred during the financial period 2008. The training costs also reduced as Handheld Company did not involve itself in recruitment of new staff and its involvement was based entirely on the existing employees. As such the financial year 2009 recorded an operating expense of $3.2 and this was a 22 percent decrease. The stability and the demand of its products in the economy enabled the Company to realize the highest level of cash and cash equivalents collected in its entire period of operation. This was influenced by the staffs hard work and the research conducted by the team members in order to ascertain the demands for the consumers in the economy.
The Company`s gain in the economy was influenced by the customers` acceptance of the new handheld computer introduced in the market and also the grip in the mobility of the business in the market and thus generation of the 19 percent in...
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